Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.15 I Need to Find My Frenemy

There’s nothing Crazy Ex Girlfriend likes better than a road-trip, especially when said road-trip is a device to allow our favourite characters to avoid dealing with difficult situations. I Need to Find My Frenemy is more about the destination than the journey as Rebecca, Paula, Valencia and Heather take off to Vegas on the guise of rescuing Rebecca’s arch nemesis Andra Levine. In reality, each of them are running away from facing up to issue in their own lives.

Getting the girl gang back together is always a welcome move - with Heather, Valencia and Rebecca no longer living together and Paula and Rebecca no longer working together, there was a certain fear that there would be less time for the four of them on-screen but these fears have thankfully not come to fruition. Valencia may have moved to New York, but this narrative plot seems to have been shoehorned in to crack a joke at New York real estate and to give Rebecca a chance to confront Naomi. Other than this, Valencia seems to have spent exactly the same amount of time in West Covina as she always has, and at the top of the episode it looks like it might stay this way - the idea of marriage is not going down so well with Beth. Which is why Valencia rapidly agrees to a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas.

For Paula, the trip is an opportunity to quadruple her initial signing bonus from her new job whereas Heather is desperate is get away from Hector who is behaving like a man-child. Rebecca’s quest to rescue her frenemy is the perfect excuse they all need to avoid real life for just a little while.

‘Slow Motion’ is a hilarious parody of slick music videos and sexy action flicks, and whilst it does give us the sexy 48fps magic, the musical highlight is Audra and Rebecca’s reprise of ‘JAP Battle’. Unlike their first face-off in Season one, the reprise is all about aggressive complimenting. Grate is the perfect opposition for Bloom, the two of them match each other on every single beat.

This is actually the second reprise of the episode, the first being ‘Love Quadrangle’ - an updated version of ‘Love Triangle’ from Season 2. Unlike the original, Rebecca’s not even ready for the song to start - she’s actually still getting dressed when she begins singing. Perhaps instead of Rebecca longing after her former lovers, this shows that she’s too busy to wonder about which one she will end up with anymore. Instead of enjoying that the ‘centre of the triangle is little old me’, Rebecca actually cuts the song short. She’s done.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend’s reprises tend to work better when they don’t overstay their welcome - ‘Face Your Fears’, ‘Rebecca’s Reprise’ and ‘Love Quadrangle’ are among the snappier reprises in the show and each of them (along with some others) end up telling us the most about how Rebecca has grown since the last time she sung that song. ‘Love Quadrangle’ might be the most comic but with lyrics like ‘jokes on you bitch, you’ll never be free’, the song still tells us something vitally important about Rebecca’s state of mind right now. Sure, she’s trying to move past her romantic interests but unfortunately, she can’t seem to untangle herself.

These aren’t the only self-referential moments in I Need to Find My Frenemy. Audra, clearly spiralling out, admits that she is taking a leaf out of Rebecca’s book with her escape to Las Vegas. She’s run away from her responsibilities (read: husband and children) but when Rebecca calls her up on her actions, Audra responds with lyrics from season 2’s theme tune (‘when you call me crazy / you’re just calling me in love’), blam included.

It’s a nice way of signalling to the audience that Audra is in the place Rebecca was a few years ago and also that Rebecca knows better than to run away from her problems. The result is an incredible sequence where Audra and the gang walk across the casino in power-ranger colour power suits - the whole thing screamed empowerment and quite frankly, it was awesome.

Back in West Covina, the other three corners of the love quadrangle hash it out between themselves about which of them should get to date Rebecca. Josh, Nathaniel and Greg are all viable contenders but no amount of telling one another to stand out is going to sort out this mess. In a first for Crazy Ex Girlfriend, a kind of sensible answer is reached. Each of them will go on a date with Rebecca (if she wants to, of course) and then she can make a decision about which guy she would like to continue a relationship with. Like White Josh, I am very excited to see what is going to happen.

We can expect that the next episode will focus on the three dates but it’s unlikely that this will end in a definite decision on which relationship Rebecca is going to pursue. Or perhaps she won’t pursue any of them. I Need to Find My Frenemy  has proved one thing though - Rebecca isn’t going back to her old ways any time soon.

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