Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.13 I Have To Get Out

Finally, in Crazy Ex Girlfriend's I Have To Get Out, long suffering Dr Akopian (Michael Hyattt) gets her moment to shine. Now that Rebecca is open to taking medication, Dr Akopian is finally able to show her the secret of the therapy trade. Everyone is on meds.

In the large scale musical number of the episode ('Anti-Depressants are so not a big deal') she takes Rebecca on a tour of all the other people who are also using medication. The primary colour clad La La Land style chorus joins in for the catchy number ('yes, everyone is special, that's usually the sitch / but when it comes to meds, you’re such a basic bitch'), which is a toe-tapping, legitimate tune. It's also a great reminder that you never really know what is going on with other people - those who may seem in control of their lives are probably struggling just as much as you.

Medication might be good, but it also keeps Rebecca pretty inactive for most of I Have To Get Out as her new meds are making her more tired than usual. This leads to a mix-up at the hospital as the squad (Rebecca, Heather and Valencia) are trying to break Paula out of the ward in time for her bar exam, and Rebecca inadvertently ends up in the morgue.

Naturally, Rebecca recognises this as a not so subtle sign of her own mortality, and spurs her to think about what she actually wants to do with her life. Earlier in the episode, she admits that Rebetzels is not her dream job, but she isn't sure what is. Missing some direction from her life, it's hard for Rebecca to watch Paula jump out of bed to take the bar exam mere days after her severe heart attack, but in the end it spurs her to think about the future.

Rebecca has gone through a bizarre journey this season with regards to her career - I was surprised as anyone when she decided to quit being a lawyer and open a pretzel shop - but we all know her heart lies in musical theatre. It's the one thing that makes her feel safe, it's the way she understands the world. It's also the thing she relies on when life gets too hard. The title of the episode immediately points towards Paula's hospital-break, but it actually works for Rebecca's revelation that she needs to realise and fulfil her dream.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel, Josh and Greg have their own epiphany of sorts in I Have To Get Out. After an awkward encounter at the hospital (don't bring flowers to the hospital people), the three of them attempt to have a civilised conversation about their complicated histories with Rebecca and each other. This, inevitably, leads to a fight. Presented in song, 'Real Life Fighting is Awkward' is funny and accurate. Josh and Greg have a lot of baggage to get through, and physical violence may not be quite the right answer but the two of them are so juvenile that this actually works. Nathaniel also gets to be the voice of reason between Greg and Josh, which is yet another way in which he has grown up and matured.

I Have To Get Out also sees the break-up of one couple (Rebecca and Greg) and the potentially start of a romantic relationship for Darryl and April, a woman he met in the hospital (played by Maribeth Monroe). This feels like the start of something really great for Darryl (I'm also happy to see Madison make an appearance again, it sometimes feels like the show forgets Darryl already had a daughter before Hebby). With their mutual love of bean dip and their now shared flu (thanks to the strange sick child) - April might be the real deal for Darryl.

On the other hand, Rebecca and Greg are officially over - for now. It's presented simply - a conversation between the two of them. There are no songs, no dramatics - for once Rebecca explains how she feels calmly and rationally and the two of them part on mutual terms. It is sad, but it's clearly the right thing to do. What's not so great is Nathaniel and Josh's reaction to the Greg-breakup - the last thing we need is a continuation of this love triangle. I say it every week, but even as a Nathaniel-stan, Rebecca needs to be alone right now.

I Have To Get Out is a return to the style of earlier seasons of Crazy Ex Girlfriend - it's zany, meta and filled with absurd moments (not least Rebecca pulling tap shoes out of a pill bottle). The important narrative beats (Greg and Rebecca breaking up, Paula taking the bar exam) are underplayed, but the absurd moments (Rebecca finding three corpses with the same name as her) are given the space they need to be funny and also prove a point. It's a great episode overall and proof that the season has picked up post the midway point.

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