Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.09 I Need Some Balance

Crazy Ex Girlfriend has never been a show to pull back on taboo topics. We’ve had episodes which talk explicitly about the ‘miracle’ of birth, the female orgasm and we almost got a whole song about period sex. So whilst it may not be a surprise that I Need Some Balance tackles one of the most taboo subjects for women, especially on TV, it is very inline with Crazy Ex Girlfriend’s whole agenda. Let’s go yeast infections, let’s go!

After rekindling and then potentially destroying her friendship with new and improved Greg, Rebecca decides she needs to get laid and it needs to be by someone she hasn’t previously dated. That removes Josh, Nathaniel and Greg from the picture and since Trent is thankfully out of the picture, she looks to outside sources. She sets a date with Jason, remember the one who pulled a sickie on their date - and they agree to go for a drink.

However, Rebecca’s eagerness for working out in no cotton, all nylon leggings has led to yeast infection, rendering sex a no-go for her and Jason. Don’t skimp on leggings - another lesson we could all stand to learn from Rebecca Bunch. In a bid to try and rid herself of the infection in time for her next date with Jason, Rebecca essentially overdoses on vagina medication and drastically upsets her PH balance down there.

Telling this relatable, albeit grim, story through the singing interludes from cats (from the musical ‘Cats’) is a genius move. Rebecca’s vaginal state is represented at various intervals by different cats - from Todrick Halls’ Funky Cat, to Glow’s Rebekka Johnson’s Elated Cat. Though Fred Armisen’s Itchy Cat might have been the greatest revelation of the episode. Well timed, funny and excruciatingly cringe-worthy - it turns out that feral cats lead the best commentary on bacterial vaginosis.

In other areas of West Covina, namely the local gym, Nathaniel and Greg end up befriending one another. With Nathaniel being nice now and Greg being sober, the two of them actually seem like they could end up being genuine friends. The buddy-ing up in a traditionally masculine environment feels progressive, particularly the japes about what we can and can’t say about women anymore (‘women are...the future!’).

Darryl also returns to work at Mountaintop in I Need Some Balance and is immediately threatened by the presence of Bert in the office. He does seem to be taking over Darryl's role as the lovable, needy, distracted boss-man of the company and has significantly upped the moustache game. It seems Rebecca isn't the only person in need of some balance this episode - Darryl's insecurities about being replaced flare up and the staff of Mountaintop are caught in the cross fire. They may almost get a free trip to Disneyland but Darryl is behaving like a child and considering he is currently trying to raise one, he needs to sort himself out. Thankfully Bert and Darryl come to an agreement - Papa and Dad will probably work out just fine in the future. 

I Need Some Balance shows Rebecca trying to do the right thing by branching out in her love life but ultimately she ends back at the same place - surrounded by her exes who she still has unfinished business with. Despite the overwhelming measures she has taken to try and move on, she is still thinking about Nathaniel and Greg and she is actually living with Josh! This episode is all about balance and it seems that Rebecca hasn’t quite got that right yet - downstairs or in her head. 

One really nice thing about I Need Some Balance is the space carved out for Valencia and Rebecca’s friendship. Valencia mentions multiple times that she and Rebecca are very different people, particularly in the way they each handle situations, but this is exactly why their friendship works so well. I had significant reservations when Valencia and Beth moved to New York, so I’m glad she is back for the rest of the proverbial season.

Really, though, we should all be thanking Brosh McKenna and Bloom for finally bringing yeast infections to our screens. Never, ever buy sports leggings in a 3 for $5 deal. Never.

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