Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.08 I'm Not The Person I Used To Be

Greg is back! Is it really Greg? Who knows!

Since the announcement that Santino Fontana wouldn’t be reprising his role as Greg for season four, we always knew that the return of the character was going to be a difficult scenario to approach. As with any series when an actor is replaced, there’s a decision to be made - to address it or not to address it. Naturally, with Crazy Ex Girlfriend isn’t afraid of being meta, so address it they certainly do.

The ploy to get Greg back to West Covina is a high school reunion. This also means Valencia is back from New York, and the whole thing is hosted at Home Base which means Heather is also in attendance. Narratively, I’m Not The Person I Used To Be is all about personal history, growth and ex’s. Rebecca and Greg aren’t the only ones who are reliving past relationships here - it turns out Valencia has a secret romantic past. With no verbal confirmation (in one of my favourite scenes of the season so far), Heather manages to confirm that Valencia fell in love with someone else whilst dating Josh, and that someone is at the high school reunion. Eager for some drama now that her love life has settled down, Heather makes it her mission to find out who Valencia’s high school lover was.

It’s a great mini subplot, especially once you find out who Valencia may have ended up with in another life, and it certainly eases the tension of the Rebecca/Greg reunion that runs alongside it. I particularly like the running gag of ‘being back for the rest of the season - holiday season’ - Crazy Ex Girlfriend  always excels when it breaks the fourth wall, and this goes down very well especially in this episode given the context.

So, to the elephant in the room. Rebecca and Greg. Like Heather and Valencia, I’m also very much of the opinion that Rebecca and Greg were meant to be, so this reunion was very special indeed. Brosh McKenna and Bloom explain away that Greg is quite literally a different person by having Rebecca also think he looks like a completely different person. Apparently, according to Heather and Valencia, that’s just what happens when you run into your ex. They look completely different. Thankfully, Crazy Ex Girlfriend doesn’t stop there - Rebecca and Greg’s song together ‘Hello, Nice To Meet You’ summarises that yes, Greg is now different but perhaps they both are. They may actually be strangers more than they know. The duet together is very reminiscent of songs between Rebecca and Greg in season two and really cements Skylar Austin’s debut as Greg.

Austin does a pretty incredible job taking on the reins of Greg Serrano. Of course, it’s really difficult not to compare to the previous incarnation of Greg - but Austin nails all the micro-behaviours and mannerisms. It’s a very difficult situation for Brosh McKenna and Bloom - but the show would not be complete without a reappearance from Greg. This was the right decision and I, for one, am glad that they made the decision to bring him back.

The decision of whether Rebecca should tell Greg about the whole sleeping with his Dad thing  is one which plagues her from the moment of Greg's arrival. It's a decision which spirals out of her in elongated text messages to Paula detailing every minute thought about why she should or shouldn't tell him. This is as much for our benefit as Paula's - it's an interesting insight into how Rebecca feels about the new and improved (sober) Greg, and reveals just how much she still cares for him.

However, the final scene of  I'm Not The Person I Used To Be reveals something that I think we already all knew, we just hadn't quite realised it yet. Greg may have changed on the outside, but it's Rebecca who has fundamentally changed as a person. Though it's a painful confession that just might destroy their rejuvenated friendship - she tells Greg about Marco. Of course, he is shocked but Greg also realises that this is not the Rebecca he once knew. There may be hope for them yet - let's just hope he doesn't find out she's living with Josh because that might be a problem.

The funniest line this week goes to Paula, who spends the episode revising for her law exams with the pet rabbit she has bought to replace the Brendan-shaped hole in her life. Opting for pets over children because 'you didn't ruin my vagina' is a sentiment I think we can all get behind. To Paula!

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