Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.07 I Will Help You

The biggest vice in Rebecca’s life (aside from her BPD, penchant for stalking and irrational decision making) has always been her mother. Naomi Bunch is, in my opinion, incredibly responsible for a lot of Rebecca’s deep seated insecurities. Like many mothers, Naomi wants to see Rebecca succeed in her life and career, but her way of showing this is to chastise, insult and bully her daughter into submitting to a life Naomi wants her to lead.

Naturally, Rebecca’s recent decision to ditch the lawyer-ing and start her own pretzel business is the complete opposite of what Naomi had envisioned for her. Inevitably, this was always going to be a point of contention between mother and daughter when Rebecca finally comes clean about her new career path. In I Will Help You this is exactly what goes down – with some expected and some not quite so expected consequences.

The catalyst to get Rebecca going to New York and back in Naomi’s clutches is a gala honouring her mother. Happily, her travels to New York mean that Valencia is once again back onscreen and we get a quick insight into Valencia and Beth’s new lives and their teeny tiny apartment. Even more happily, Rebecca opts to stay with Valencia (on a fridge-come-pull-out-bed) instead of staying at her mother’s – a sure sign that she knows exactly how bad Naomi is for her mental health. However, when it comes time to reveal to Naomi is exactly how much her life has altered, it turns out that Naomi already knows the majority of it. In fact, she knows everything (thanks West Covina local news) except for the fact that Rebecca is no longer a lawyer.

Like every other episode she’s been in, Tovah Feldshuh is utterly brilliant in I Will Help You. Not only is she the tenacious, biting and sarcastic Naomi we’ve been treated to in the past, she also absolutely brings it in ‘Forget It’. It’s the perfect medley of controlling parent mixed with judgement from strangers (thanks Emilio from the frame store) and Feldshuh oozes pure Naomi over every last drop.

I Will Help You outlines that whilst Rebecca might be making leaps and bounds with the elements of her life that she can control, it’s going to be far harder to face the things she cannot control. Naomi, like it or not, is her mother and is a permanent fixture. She can’t change who Naomi is nor can she expect that Naomi will suddenly have a change of character. What she can do, which is exactly what she did, is make Naomi aware that her actions will have consequences. One of those consequences will be losing her daughter if she continues to meddle the way she does.

This week’s main side-plot involved Josh finally realising that he is an adult who should probably live without either his mother or Hector’s mother (we really did get an insight into that relationship – they share a room? What?). He house-sits for Rebecca whilst she’s away in New York and, as if we couldn’t see this coming from a mile off; the two decide that Josh should move in permanently. Josh’s house-sitting antics also include the horror of trying to bake dry pasta, killing the starfish perhaps the shortest and greatest Crazy Ex Girlfriend song to date: ‘How to Clean Up’, as instructed by Darryl.

It makes sense – Josh, like Rebecca, is finally learning how to be a fully functional adult and this partnership could be mutually beneficial. Except, of course, it seems that Rebecca’s feelings for Josh are re-kindled as the two of them sit round a make-shift campfire.

The tell-tale musical motif signifying Rebecca falling in love chimes once more (‘West Covina’ reprise) and then does for a second time when Rebecca learns of Nathaniel’s volunteer efforts with her prison clients. So it seems ‘Love Triangle’ might be about to be to make a reappearance – though if my suspicions are correct then you might as well start drawing a square… anyone seen Greg yet?

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