Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.05 I'm So Happy For You

I’m So Happy For You might as well be titled ‘The One Where Everyone Has to Learn To Let Go’. In a surprising twist of events, it seems that we (and Rebecca) are going to have to say goodbye to one, possibly two, of the show's main characters earlier than we thought. Only a few minutes into the episode and Valencia and Heather both reveal that they are moving - Valencia is going to New York and Heather is moving to the coast (two hours, four in traffic, is clearly not close enough for her).

It is genuinely a surprising revelation, though in hindsight it’s probably been on the peripheral for a while. Valencia hasn’t really been making an appearance in recent episodes - only really in the background - and it seems that things have been winding down with her character for a while. She explains that she and girlfriend Beth are moving to New York to work for an event planning company and to live in a cupboard sized apartment (Crazy Ex Girlfriend is never one to shy away from the zeitgeist, and the price of housing is nailed here). 

In contrast, Heather is moving only a few hours away to buy (buy!) a condo with Hector. After their marriage a few episodes ago, this also shouldn’t be that surprising, but of course it still hits Rebecca really hard. It also hits us hard as well, the limited prior warning signs certainly make it feel like we are learning about it at the same time as Rebecca is. 

At first she does attempt to talk through her feelings with Dr Akopian - her confession that she feels like she’s in competition with all of her friends is one which I think most of us can relate to more than we’d ever like to admit. Moreover - that she is losing that competition. Ultimately though, Rebecca doesn’t really want to listen to Dr Akopian and instead decides that a better use of her time is befriending younger people, so that she feels less like she is losing at life. 

Of course, this leads to both hilarity and despair. Hilarity as Rebecca tries to navigate the youth of today (Maya and AJ) by keeping up with all the dope new goings on including new slang (still not sure if fizzy is an actual thing or not), and despair as she struggles to come to terms with her best friends' departure. Despite destroying their leaving party, Rebecca catches herself before she goes too far which shows just how much progress she has actually made.

The big number in I’m So Happy For You centres around Daryl and White Josh - which initially seems a bit out of place as the show hasn’t really explored their dysfunctional post-relationship friendship yet, but as ‘The Group Mind Has Decided Your in Love’ takes hold, it’s very clear that this isn’t about them. It’s about the group and it’s about distracting oneself with other people’s lives to avoid thinking about your own. It’s also about the infuriating way that people insert themselves into other people’s private business and there’s really no better way to represent that scenario than a wonderful Oaklahoma-esque hoedown. Everyone’s involved - like all the best Crazy Ex Girlfriend numbers - and this definitely feels like the overblown, over-acted tune we’ve been waiting for this season.

Whilst Rebecca acts out because her two best friends are leaving/becoming ‘real’ adults, Paula also has a hurdle of her own to get over. Brendan, her eldest son who has quickly become a decent human being, tells Paula that he has applied to join Peeps for Peace and has been accepted. This is too much for Paula to bear - the two of them have only just started to become friends post Brendan’s teenage years and so (in true Paula fashion) she decides sabotage is the answer. After concocting a plan involving Brendan’s high school crush, everything comes crashing down around her and Paula has to face the truth - her baby boy is growing up and leaving home.

All in all, I’m So Happy For You brought me back to earlier times in the show, when all the craziness was at it’s height and the musical numbers came thick, fast and emotional. Both the songs this week were spot on - I’m not ashamed to say I shed a tear during ‘I Never Believed In You’. This episode covered so much ground for both Rebecca and Paula. It barrelled through so many conflicting emotions but it also gave the two women space to process how they felt. It felt good to see them both act out (like they’ve done so many times before) but then, in the same episode, realise their bad behaviours aren’t helping anything.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend is back on its feet, even if Rebecca’s not. Though Valencia and Heather are off to pastures new, I doubt it will be the last we see of them in the series. Or at least, I hope it’s not…

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