Course Correction

I think this could be the episode FlashForward decided rules are constraining and went all Heroes on us, similar to when that show had Peter and Hiro at the top of their powers. Everything could be reset and nothing really mattered. In this case the reset is that flashforwards will happen. Maybe not as seen, but one way or another the universe will course correct and ensure the multiple strings of forking paths will cross in the future to take the other route. So after clearly showing before that yes, the future can be changed, confirming what Al Gough killed himself for, we’ve now a suggestion that what will happen, will happen. Absolute nonsense. Make your mind up. Take a choice on the narrative, Stand by it. Don’t completely ignore the power of a recent episode and decision and make the show feel even more worthless than its seeming week after week. The viewing figures in the USA hit a new low with this episode. No announcement yet on its renewal or otherwise but I doubt there’s any choice to make, unless it’s to be given a significant overhaul before season 2.

The way FlashForward is going is upsetting. I maintain that the idea is fantastic and the setup could be executed so much better but there’s a lack of vision (partially now because no-one knows if it’s going to continue or not?), little cohesion week to week and each script attempts just to get some viewers in rather than drive forward the narrative. There is no way that sometime last year when the creative team sat down to sketch out season one (or more recently when the group were first introduced) did anyone suggest the blue hands group would make a comeback ten or so episodes after being exhausted in terms of its aid to progressing the plot. It’s poor. The reversal is poor. But then next week we’ll probably see them decide again that futures can be changed (forever) as that’s what Frost seemed to suggest before his death – certain things do have a probability of 100 %, given a long enough timeline (i.e. his death) but most stuff would be different from one vision to the next.

This has been a bit of a rant so far. It’s necessary. The show depresses me so much because it’s so full of awesome potential and it’s just being washed down the gutter week after week. When we get something good it’s trampled on at a later date or completely wiped out with the revelation of the week.

This episode saw Bryce go into remission – he was going to kill himself because he had stage 4 terminal Cancer ~5.5 months ago. He doesn’t care about Keiko, the woman who made him think twice about suicide when glimpsed in his FlashForward. Simon Campos is going to cause another blackout. Even though the only way he can do that is by kick-starting his great big bang experiment – unlikely given the security which must be surrounding that as it’s known to have amplified the blackout cause first time round. Maybe the baddies just happen to have one they made earlier? I wouldn’t put it past this ridiculous show which has jumped the shark numerous times this season. I still have a bizarre urge to keep watching. It must be car-crash TV. Unless it does get fixed I have no other rationale for doing so.

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