Class 1.03 - Nightvisiting

Ever feel like you need to stop and take a breath? - that's how many felt after the breakneck opening of Class last week and 'Nightvisiting' delivers just what many were hoping for. A more thoughtful and affecting episode that features more emotion in the pre-credits opening than the first two episodes managed in their entirety.

The opening montage follows the marriage of Tanya's parents from start to the tragic end that saw her father's death. It might not result in Up style tears but it sets the tone and pace for the episode beautifully.

Two years after his death, Jasper (Kobna Holdbrook-Smith) reappears in his daugher's bedroom - she knows it can't be him but his claims and memories tell a different story. When similar things start happening to the others it's clear that this is more than just a chance happening and something far more interesting is taking place.

The episode itself is very much a series of vignettes that lets us see underneath the skin of everyone from Tanya all the way to Miss Quill. We find out more about everyone through their past hearbreak than any flashback could ever tell us. Charlie is haunted by visions of his parents, but it's his bonding with Matteusz that really pulls on the heartstrings.

Class may have split fans in its initial showing but 'Nightvisiting' marks the moment that it steps out of the shadow of Doctor Who and becomes something unique. Vivia Oparah's performance as Tanya really stands out this week - while we didn't get to see much of her before it's clear that she'll be one of the series' highlights going forward.

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