Bodyguard: 1.05

Even after five episodes of Bodyguard, it's clear that you never know quite what you're going to get. High octane terrorist attacks? Sordid love affairs behind closed doors? Well after the emotional fallout of Julia's death last week, the penultimate episode turned into a slow burn political spy thriller as David Budd stepped up his game to find the culprit who killed his beloved Home Secretary. It certainly felt like the clam before the storm, making for the slowest-paced episode yet, but it was no less compelling.

In true Bodyguard fashion I have no idea who to suspect or what is really going on. After a rather aggressive encounter with vengeful David outside his home, Julia's aide Rob Macdonald quickly took himself down to SO15 claiming the he and new boss Mike Travis knee nothing about the bomb and were merely trying to embarrass Julia mid-speech using unwitting pawn Tahir as a scapegoat. As convenient as it all sounded, it also rang true; the fact that the bomb was not in the briefcase certainly added a sense of credibility.

So where did that leave David and new quasi-ally Louise Rayburn of the SO15 in their search for the culprit? Her boss Deepak might still suspect David, but Louise was quick to believe his story about the security services and bring him into the fold and they made quite a good partnership. I'd be happy with season two featuring them as an official crime-fighting team. Of course they'd need something bigger to get their teeth into; JFK's murder perhaps? Roswell? Or locate those missing black and white Doctor Who episodes from the 60s? Perhaps they can solve the mystery of really happened at the end of Lost season six? It seems as if David Budd can get his teeth into anything.

Okay, so a little off tangent maybe, but then that's what Bodyguard does on a regular basis and I'm loving every moment of it. Just when David clued in bosses Lorraine Craddock and Anne Simpson into the blackmail material the special services had given Julia and the mysterious agent Longcross, the episode through another curveball; could Julia have been attacked on multiple occasions because the increased surveillance RIPA 18 would bring to criminal activities in the UK? The sudden reappearance of fired aide Chanel Dyson in league with known criminal Chanel Dyson, suddenly added to the roster of every changing suspects.

Not that Longcross is a mere red herring; rather he has become a major thorn in David's side, hunting him down and (presumably) revealing to David's boss Lorraine that he had been in a sexual relationship with the woman he was trying to protect. Michael Shaeffer's security services agent emerged as a compelling villain at the eleventh hour and looks set to destroy David before he can bring the killers to justice. Even then, the reveal that he was the mysterious bomber that gave the device to Nadia's husband in the opening episode was still something of an eyebrow raiser. There was certainly a bit of a cat and mouse game going on, Longcross visiting David's wife, hunting down anyone searching for the information that might reveal the PM's sordid past and acting perfectly smug the whole time.

Now that he has been put on forced leave, his badge and gun taken from him, David certainly looks set to find himself on the edge, hunting down the killers without back up in the final episode. Assuming he doesn't get offed in the opening five minutes. Assuming Julia is actually dead. Assuming Longcross is the villain. Assuming Rob wasn't lying about his involvement. Assuming the PM is guilty. Assuming David's cute kids aren't the actual masterminds of this whole affair.

It's compelling stuff and I can't wait to see how it all plays out next Sunday...

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