Better Call Saul 3.09: Fall

This week's episode of Better Call Saul entitled Fall is the first episode where Jimmy McGill takes major steps towards becoming the Saul Goodman that we know, love and met in Breaking Bad.

We find Jimmy getting an update from the Sandpaper representative, Irene, on where the case is. Jimmy realises that a settlement has already been offered and if D&M and HHM accept will net Jimmy a cool £1 million. On hearing this Jimmy and Howard have a meeting and Jimmy tries to convince Howard to accept but he refuses. Here is Jimmy's first mistake of the episode where Howard sees right through his plan and refuses point blank. This only raises Jimmy's hard done by attitude and we can see where he is heading.

After Jimmy's shenanigans in a previous episode, Howard and Chuck meet with the malpractice insurance agency. Howard and Chuck have a decision to make as they have only two options open to them. Either an increase in Chuck's premium or to have someone accompany him as he practises law. Chuck on hearing this feels this is the last straw and decides to sue the company. Howard is at his wits end with Chuck and feels he cannot be trusted. Chuck decides to sue HHM for his share of the company ($8 million). It's an interesting turn of events as we get closer and closer to the endgame. Jimmy's plan to destroy Chuck is slowly coming into play and this is one more piece to be added to the puzzle. The writing is fluid and worked well with the cast of characters across the episode and these scenes playing out personifies that.

Our man Mike is hired as a 'security consultant' by Madrigal on Gus' recommendation to launder his money. Mike is such a hard done by character who works his way through each scene as if he cannot be bothered and wants to be left alone. Seen at first contact, you would think he is an old man and harmless. When in reality, he certainly is not and can use his substantial skill set to good use. The best part of last week's episode, Nacho, has a meeting with his dad and advises him to follow Hectors orders as Nacho now works for him. Nachos father is apoplectic with rage and tells him to leave his house.

Here we have Jimmy's second mistake of the week. He manipulates a sweet old lady named Irene, who is embroiled in the Sandpiper case. through social manipulation and cons he manages to get her friends to turn against her and for her to eventually take a settlement from Sandpiper. Ever since the start of Better Call Saul we know what the end game is of Jimmy McGill becoming Saul Goodman but we don't know why but we are slowly seeing the how. This 'how' makes us as a viewer turn against Jimmy as he literally ruins a frail old ladies life for his own personal gratification. As a viewer, putting Howard or even his own brother Chuck to the sword is fine and acceptable as they have hurt him just as much. It takes a moment here to realise that Jimmy isn't as sweet as the show makes out.

As the episode ends we see Kim rushes out with no time for Jimmy as she has taken on a second client, in Gatwood Oil. As she travels to a meeting in a moment of lapsed concentration, Kim drives her car off the road into a boulder. The episode ends with documents flying all over the highway with a dazed Kim trying to get herself safely out of the car. Another fantastic episode of Better Call Saul. Next weeks episode should give us more of the fantastic same.

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