Better Call Saul 3.08: Slip

Flashing back to a time where Slippin' Jimmy was more in the game, Jimmy and Marco are at the remnants of the old McGill general store where Jimmy recovers some old coins. Jimmy berates Marco as he mentions Jimmy's father and his 'soft touch', Jimmy believes his father was easily swayed and seen as an easy target.

Back in the present, Chuck is seeing Dr.Cruz as he discusses his recent encounter with Jimmy and how a battery was near his skin for two hours and if he can do that, is his condition real or all psychosomatic. Dr. Cruz (guest star Clea Duvall) decides to help and Chuck has a go at buying groceries which he manages to complete but with some discomfort. Michael McKean who plays Chuck plays the character at this point as an anti-hero. We have followed the character over the last three years and at times he has been a completely despicable character but here you feel for him as he shops for groceries and you can feel his pain as he reiterates what he can see in front of him on his journey to comfort himself. Howard meets him to advise there being a problem with his malpractice insurance.

Back to Jimmy at the guitar centre where he is yet again grafting away trying to get the proprietors to part with their cash by purchasing more air time. Jimmy devises a 'slip and fall' where he falls over on a drumstick and hurts his back. The guitar shop are stuck in a position. Kim is at lunch with her Mesa Verde companions, who offer her a new client, but Kim is distracted by Howard who is loudly talking on a nearby table. Excusing herself, she tries to repay back her law school loans, with Howard rebutting her by saying she betrayed his firm and she bites back by accusing Howard of covering up Chuck's condition. Its a well written and directed scene, with both characters (and actors) playing the scene under a veil of corporate smiles and niceties.

The star of this week's episode is in the form of Nacho played by Michael Mando. Here he has the heart stopping task of trying to switch over Hectors pills from the real ones to ones simply filled with Ibuprofen. While doing the day job of collecting payments from street level drug dealers, he carefully manages to perform the swap successfully. The scene plays out almost lacking completely in dialogue simply holding on Nachos face in close with the soundtrack consisting of his breathing, coming in fits and starts. The viewer almost holds their breath at points along with the character.

This week's episode is directed by Adam Bernstein and as is always with Better Call Saul has some interesting static shots. Here we find Mike locating the good Samaritan that Hector shot last season and he reports his findings to the police. We see him alone in the desolate wasteland of the New Mexico and a static shot from above as multiply Mikes look for the body with a metal detector. A fascinated use of desolate landscape and negative space. At the episodes end, Mike has a meeting with Gus to help clean his $200,000 through his restaurant. Gus advises that it will be hard but they shake on it nonetheless.

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