Better Call Saul 3.07: Expenses

Another episode of Better Call Saul and another fantastic cold open on the show. The show starts with a brick wall, a literal brick wall, Jimmy stands against it, lost in the negative space in the bottom left hand corner. Other people join him, its a line up for them to be picked up for community service. Tonight's episode is called Expenses, directed and written by Thomas Schnauz.

Last seasons more comical characters was the pharmacist Pryce. A simple living man who helped out Nacho one time, got paid handsomely for it and bought a massive Hummer with his payment making him stick out like a sore thumb. Here we find him back in the picture as Nacho requests him once again to produce a batch of empty pills so that he can swap them with Hectors actual pills. Pryce takes the bait.

Pryce contacts Mike to be his bodyguard just in case the deal with Nacho goes sideways but Mike refuses and advises Pryce to not go further with the deal. Meanwhile Mike is helping out make a children's playground and gets close to a co-worker, a lady called Anita, who tells Mike about her missing husband, who disappeared eight years ago on a hike. Seemingly showing compassion, this changes Mikes mind toward Pryces offer and he agrees to be a bodyguard. Not before Mike visits Nacho, wants to know his plan and advises to swap the pills back after Hector has died.

Due to being next to broke, Jimmy meets with an insurance broker, initially confusing him with Chuck who has a similar insurance at the firm, requesting a refund on his insurance now he is no longer a lawyer. She refuses, advising it is there just in case someone tries to sue him in the future. The agent advises the premium will rise 150% once he is back to being a lawyer. As the episode ends, This sets Jimmy off into a spiral and he begins to cry. Another fantastic scene played out across the landscape of Bob Odenkirk's face. Jimmy seizes the moment faking a nervous breakdown and mentions off hand that Chuck is mentally ill and he hoped that he made the firm aware of that before taking out the insurance.

Another great episode from the best series on television at the moment. Now that the name Saul Goodman is out in the world the screws are suddenly starting to tighten on Jimmy's descent into the dark side. His face as he leaves the insurance agents office attests to that.

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