Better Call Saul 3.04: Sabrosito

We open this weeks episode of Better Call Saul called Sabrosito in flashback with a classic Breaking Bad camera angle, namely, under the water of a swimming pool looking skywards. The shadow greeting us is the diving form of Don Eladio on his morning swim. Hector visits him to pay tribute with rolled up bills spilling over his patio furniture but is then embarrassed by Gus when a neatly stacked patio slab of money is delivered to him via Juan Bolsa. The opening shot giving it a direct connection to Breaking Bad in an episode filled with connections to its parent show.

After this humiliation Hector confronts Gus at Los Pollos Hermanos but not before intimidating the majority of Gus' staff when he is not there. With the majority, if not all, of the staff not knowing who he is, the body language, speech and general aura of Hector permeates into the restaurant as customers flee with the threat of violence in the air. Gus sends payment to Mike for helping cut off one of Hector's main supply routes in last weeks episode Sunk Costs. Mike, now at his 'day' job refuses the payment but is offered a job by Gus as he is happy with his work so far. As usual the pairing of Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) and Mike (Jonathan Banks) are a great duo and recall the best parts of their storylines in Breaking Bad.


Aside from Gus trying to hire Mike, Jimmy hires Mike as a cover handyman to fix Chuck's broken door and pick up certain items from within Chuck's dimly lit house. Mike being Mike uses ingenious ways in which to get Chuck to leave him alone. Namely using a battery powered drill, not connected to the mains electrics of course but just enough to annoy Chuck and get him upstairs out of the way so Mike can snoop and take photographs. The shot of Mike behind the kitchen door frame as Chuck goes up the stairs is a particular masterpiece of a shot.

Jimmy, Kim, Hamlin, Chuck and ADA Hay gather for Jimmy's hearing. Going over a written statement Jimmy has written earlier in the episode, the brothers argue over the word 'destroyed' or 'damaged'. Jimmy is forced to grovel and apologise to Chuck. Jimmy unconvincingly apologises as damages are paid out to the pain staking penny, via cheque of all things. Confronting Chuck and Hamlin outside, Kim convinces Chuck to admit to the presence of a second tape recording of Jimmy's confession, which was Kim's plan all along as Jimmy and Kim powerwalk out of the court smiling as they go.

Another fantastic episode of Better Call Saul. From inventive camera work to a well worked script and just enough fan service to keep die hard fans happy, this week's episode shows the strength of not only our main cast but the side characters as Jimmy isn't even in the episode until the 26th minute mark, and the episode is only 47 minutes long. A show of this strength is a feast to watch each and every week.

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