Arrow: 6.21 Docket No. 11-19-41-73

It's three for three this week as Arrow season six delivers another strong episode, proving perhaps that it might just pull things back from a lacklustre year overall. Docket No. 11-19-41-73 saw Oliver Queen on trial for being the Green Arrow, with a corrupt judge also in Ricardo Diaz's pocket. It delivered on the continued escalation of Diaz's mater plan and was filled with a number of surprises that made this far more interesting than the poor trial of Barry Allen earlier this season on The Flash.

The opening sequence in Kasnia treated us to John Diggle at his coolest, wind sailing into enemy territory, machine gun blazing and rescuing a prisoner. I honestly feel ARGUS-Diggle works better than Spartan Diggle, even if the episode suggested we might be getting closer to a reunited team Arrow by the end.

It was also great to see two competent lawyers at play; the arguments were well-reasoned, the tension palatable and the threat of Diaz's corrupt judge threatening to turn the trial into a twisted farce. Which made the sudden arrival of the 'Green Arrow' all the more spectacular. And Tommy Merlyn no less! There was a genuine moment where it looked as if Tommy had faked his own death, that Diggle had rescued him from years of captivity and I was honestly a little disappointed that it wasn't the real Tommy. Colin Donnell was great in the role, delivering cool charm as he faced the interrogation of the prosecutor and judge and calmly announced that he was going to be rescued from police capture soon enough.

Of course it was actually the man with many faces, Wil Traval's Christopher Chance / Human Target, rescued by Diggle and a pivotal player in the fight against Diaz. It enabled the episode to play two big twists - the arrival of Tommy first, followed by Chance's impersonation of the corrupt judge when the verdict turned against Oliver (was there any other outcome?), throwing out the case and gaining the upper hand against Diaz for the first time.

I'm glad we also some closure on the Rene / Oliver feud, even with Diaz threatening Rene's daughter's life to force him to out Oliver on the stand. More interesting was Laurel finally standing up to Diaz and taking the stand to tell the world that Tommy was the queen Arrow. Her final attempt to take down Diaz was commendable, his wits continuing to gain the upper hand and blocking her Meta abilities. And now he's on the warpath, ready to kill Oliver Queen and everyone he cares about; I'm intrigued to see if the season pays off and kill off a main character or two - or will this be another Lian Yu, where it's all tease and no delivery.

The stage is set for a bloody, brutal final two episodes. Season six has certainly upped its game in recent weeks and I am finally genuinely looking forward to how the war against Ricardo Diaz finally pays off.

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