Arrow: 6.11 We Fall

While the mid-season opener largely felt like Arrow was spinning it's wheels, this week's episode was much more focused, with some good action pieces and character developments that actually made sense.

Let's start with Vigilante. I never bought into Vivant Sobel's sudden allegiance to Cayden James. His methods might have been wrong but he was trying to fight crime in his own way; this undercover, double agent agenda feels more real, even though I was with Dinah as to why he didn't tell her sooner.

There was even a decent threat to Star City in James' virus that infected every internet-based device. From the random electrocution that killed many, including police captain Pike, to the plane crash on the highway, there was a very real sense of escalation. But the best set pieces came as the two teams raced to stop two simultaneous attacks. Black Canary stopping the trains colliding with her sonic scream was one of the most impressive moments she has had yet.

There was also something very 'disaster movie about the attack in the tunnel, that saw people fleeing their cars from explosions and William leading his school friends from the bus. It was a great set piece and showed that William bore some of the traits as his father. Oliver / Green Arrow rescuing William through the flaming rubble while Diggle / Spartan led people to safety was an exciting moment of heroics and tension, leading to William's discovery about his dad's extra-hours antics with a bow and arrow.

Thankfully it wasn't all angsty drama and Jack Moore brought a surprising amount of maturity to his performance as he realised that having a badass dad was okay. I'm not sure 'step mom' Felicity showing him brutally shoot down, kick and punch every bad guy in sight was such a good idea though.

Oliver reluctantly paying the first of daily $10 million ransoms to Cayden James left the episode on a bleak note, and really showed just how much of an upper hands this bad guy has. And yet, as I finished watching the episode, I couldn't help feeling that something was missing - a feeling that has been bubbling along all season. We Fall was a step up on last week, but it is hard to feel that emotional connection that made season five - and the early seasons - so engaging, The bad guys - James and Black Siren aside - feel lacklustre and I'm not sure where the season is going. I am still invested in Arrow season six, but I'm not sure if that just isn't bourne out of the goodwill of season five...

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