Arrow: 6.07 Thanksgiving

There was a certain inevitability that Arrow would turn to the status quo by the end of this episode, with Oliver Queen back as the Green Arrow in time for the big, four-part Arrowverse crossover. We were hardly going to see Kara Danvers and Barry Allen teaming up with John Diggle, while Oliver sat this team-up out. But taking that predictability out of the equation, Thanksgiving was still a decent wrap-up of John's Green Arrow arc and Oliver's return to the mantle.

Curtis' attempts to use the same technology used to make Felicity walk failed and John's latest mission saw him badly injured and unable to help his allies in the field. I'm glad that Felicity and Oliver at least seemed more angry at his lies than the rest of the team of last week, but perhaps the fact that they have known him since the early days cut deeper. It was sad not to see John's Green Arrow fully unleashed, and perhaps - for now - Oliver's return might be temporary considering he is still trying to protect William; it was interesting that John's dreamworld from last season's Invasion! storyline had him becoming the Green Arrow, providing greater motivation to his acceptance of Oliver's offer this season.

FBI special agent Samanda Watson's persecution of Oliver went to new levels, arresting him for his crimes as the Green Arrow publically at a press conference. It did seem a little sudden, given that no new evidence seemed to have come to light, but the trial of Oliver Queen is sure provide some good drama in the season ahead.

But it was an episode for moving chess pieces along, even if nothing major happened. Oliver's identity as the Green Arrow saw the anti-vigilante legislation pass, thanks to some brilliant machinations by new villain Cayden James.  Michael Emerson does seem to be playing an evil version of his Person Of Interest character, as good as that role was, but is still proving to be another interesting villain, whose larger motives still remain unseen. Planting the fake bomb in the stadium to draw the vigilantes into a battle with fake police officers, achieved the goal of getting the law passed; fake or not, there was no denying that Black Canary, Wild Dog and Mr Terrific beating up police officers on camera did not look good.

The threat of the bomb was certainly a good reason for having Oliver become Green Arrow once again, giving him purpose when he has largely sat out of events in the last few weeks (even his time in Kasnia was supporting Slade Wilson). But I like that everything seems uncertain at the moment; the situation at Star City has certainly changed since the days where the Green Arrow heroically saved Star City from Damien Darhk. Oh and Thea seems to be awake, which seems rather quick if you ask me.

Finally, I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying Black Siren this season; her psychopathic delight in killing makes her an enjoyable baddie to watch and far cry from Katie Cassidy's original Laurel.

Thanksgiving was a solid episode of Arrow, moving pieces around and building on the combined threat of Black Siren and Cayden James against the ruthlessness of the FBI persecution of Oliver Queen. And we've got Oliver back as Green Arrow 'conveniently' in time for next week's Crisis on Earth X...

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