Arrow: 2.07 - State Vs Queen

This review contains big spoilers about episode 7, don't read if you don't want to know


In the words of Eminem, "this shit's about to get heavy". Episode 7 takes us back to the disaster that flattened the glades and for which Moira Queen is on trial. It also, rather unfortunately, allowed many a dangerous criminal to walk free from jail and asylum and get back to messing with the good people of Starling City.

There's been a fair few returns in Arrow. Oliver, his step dad, Sara Lance and now The Count rises from catatonic shock to get back into getting his home town addicted to Vertigo, his designer drug. Still this time, he seems to have help, a father figure perhaps. Meanwhile, Moira's trial is going very badly as her claims of duress under Malcolm Merlyn are undermined by revelations of an earlier affair with him and her own daughters disgust at her action come to light. Even the loss of the DA to the spreading influenza created by the Count can't save her - surely?imageAnd then boom, she's free and not guilty, the Count is seemingly dead with Oliver's arrows in his chest and there's one person to thank for all this - Malcolm. Barrowman! The Face of Bo(w)e has cheated death and is back, angry at Moira's attitude to their past dalliance and brandishing DNA tests. Just what fibs Moira has told him to protect her family we don't know, but Merlyn clearly wants his revenge and the Queens are in his way.

Cripes - all that Lazarus stuff probably made you forget the whole killing the Count affair. Didn't Oliver promise he'd be a good boy and ease up on the multiple murdering, didn't he lecture the Black Canary on the same, wasn't that the whole point to now being the Green Arrow?!? Yet it's alright because he was protecting Felicity who had walked into the Count's clutches and he had no choice as the count would kill her and had uncovered his true identity. Phew, I am glad that whole righteous thing has exceptions...

So huge revelations and a switch back to the scared Moira of season one rather than Moira the saintly jailbird. This was a torso free episode, the best we got was a tight vest and a bit of platonic clinch with Felicity. Is The Count really dead, what will Malcolm do now and what else will we learn from the Island flashbacks? More importantly, just how underused is Katie Cassidy and with the mid-season finale involving The Flash is she being sidelined for good in the plot?

We are clearly building to a mid season crescendo, which explains just how much stuff is getting crammed into the plot which felt a bit overdone this week. Still the series remains strong and I enjoy a bit of Barrowman villainy, so good times are ahead....

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