Arrow 2:10 - Blast Radius

This review contains big spoilers about episode 10, don't read if you don't want to know
The green-eyed monster rears its excellently coiffured head in the latest from Arrow. After the brief flash of, well, the Flash, Oliver can't help but notice the chemistry between Barry and Felicity. With Barry in a coma, Felicity has upped sticks and gone to his bedside for some one-sided conversation. Back in Starling City, someone has started blowing up establishment targets who, in their view, have failed their city and Oliver is obviously keen to stop them (irony alert - didn't someone else used to do that).

Well, Felicity rushes back after Oliver has saved a few hedge funders and bankers from his first outrage and is helping him track the righteous assassin when he gives them the slip. Oliver accuses Felicity of not having her head on properly, she does one of her skinny pouts and chemistry ensues between Ollie and another of his female following. Bar his sister and mother, there is no female character in Arrow who hasn't fallen for his charms - the man is catnip to gorgeous women of a certain age.imageMeanwhile, Laurel, remember her, is curious about her latest sub-standard Oliver replacement, Alderman Sebastian Blood. Having had her instincts tipped off by his supervillain name, Laurel is digging into his squeaky clean past as he prepares to have a rally against the bombings and paint a giant target on himself and his audience. PC dad finds no dirt on Blood, but she decides to dig into a relative of his locked up in a psychiatric hospital who turns out to be his mother and tells Laurel he murdered his father and that he is The Devil.

As Oliver Queen, our hero has hitched his wagon to Blood's campaign for mayor with no knowledge that this campaigner for decency is in fact a dangerous loon. In superhero guise, having sorted out his jealousy, Oliver and co prevent an atrocity at the rally and capture their principled bomber. Again, no irony is allowed as the Green Arrow turns protector of politicians - what a long way we've come since series one...

Next time Laurel shares her information with the Green Arrow and all hell breaks loose. Hopefully, the show realises how far it's moved away from its premise and that of the comic and hopefully our hero is not becoming a force for the status quo. Some nice scenes make up for the rather threadbare and contradictory villain, but this was one of the weaker episodes of a rather good second season. I am sure better episodes will be along soon.

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