American Horror Story: 6.10 Chapter 10

So here we have it the final episode episode of Season Six, Chapter Ten. The last instalment of the Roanoke nightmare, places us at the the aftermath of all the deadly mayhem of the last nine episodes, whether it was the real or re-enacted. The only survivor Lee Harris, now surfaces to the reality of great fame and notoriety; having to deal with all the killings she committed. In an OJ Simpson style trial, Lee is acquitted on the premise that she was under the influence of drugs; forced to take them by the Polks whilst she was held captive.

The events which unfold in the final instalment of the season, save the season from venturing into rather predictable territory. The last two episodes saw continuous killing after killing after, which ended up despite being full on and super scary rather expected and repetitive. Chapter Ten is actually too fully packed; perhaps if it was spread over two episodes, there would have been enough content to fill them up both and then some.

Lee is further acquitted for the killing of her ex husband Mason, a murder she did wilfully commit and also admits to on camera at the Polks house. However, due to the only witness being her daughter Flora; Lee’s defence attorney easily refutes the evidence and Lee is set free. The repercussion of Lee’s freedom, is Flora’s refusal to see her.

As Lee wants to reach out to her daughter, she agrees to one televised interview by none other than Season Two’s Lana Winters. People may remember Sara Paulson’s character Lana Winters from Season Two: Asylum, she was a ruthless journalist looking for her career-breaking scoop by investigating into Briarcliff Asylum and the ends up becoming a high profile TV personality. We recall in the final scenes of Season Two, Lana kills her sociopath son. Lee feels somewhat a kinship to Lana and grants her an interview. In a twisted turn events, one of the Polks randomly arrives at the scene with an aim to kill Lee, seeking revenge for the killing of his family. He manages to kill most of the security and crew but Lana and Lee escape and the Polk is shot dead.


Chapter Ten provides a feast for the eyes with all the: courtroom scenes, paparazzi shots, TV interviews, YouTube video, reality TV, mob shots. All these numerous happenings, all these layers of reality, bundled up in quite a haphazard fashion, yet it remains easy to follow and is accessible to the viewer. A true sign of the TV mastery that creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk possess.

As the episode draws to an end, Flora goes missing and Lee is certain that Priscilla has abducted her. Lee returns to the Roanoke house and tries to bargain with Flora to come back with her. Flora is reluctant to leave Priscilla and unexpectedly Lee agrees to stay with Priscilla and for Flora to return to reality. So it happens and our American Horror Story Roanoke nightmare ends.

It’s a rather peaceful ending to a rather insanely intense season. A season that saw continuous change, continuous drama, continuous horror and constant change of pace. A total roller-coaster of ride. It features the main ingredients that makes AHS simply great; death, the dark side of life, the supernatural, the weird and wonderful. All portrayed with great attention to detail and stylish edginess. Season Six: Roanoke Nightmare is unique in the way it is shot; its introduction various camera visuals and angles, as well the blending of various types of TV genres and using them as part of the theme and plot.

There is already speculation online for what Season Seven will be. There are hints of an aquatic theme. Ryan Murphy has already suggested that Season Seven may revisit elements of Season Four ‘Freak Show’. He is stated as saying “Next year, we will be going back to some Freak Show characters, deeper histories and mythologies. So we’re sort of still exploring Season 4 in Season 7.” Sounds good to us! Bring on Season Seven!

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