American Horror Story: 6.09 Chapter 9

With American Horror Story episode nine we see the usual abundance of graphic killings, the continuous horror has become the norm, the shock and suspense is now being replaced with mild intrigue as to who will be the last survivor. Things start to become a bit samey and repetitive, perhaps explaining the introduction of three new characters to spice things up a bit. They are twenty something Roanoke fans who show up, uninvited with their cameras. Viewers may recognize, a series regular Taissa Farmiga in the face of one of the three.

In this episode we find Monet, Audrey and Lee locking themselves in a room inside the house. Lee has an ulterior motive and manages to convince the other to go back with her to the Polk barn under the pretence to erase all the footage of them killing the Polks. Her real reason, however is to delete footage of her owning up to the killing of her ex-husband, Mason, who was threatening to take her daughter away from her.

On route to the Polk barn Lee gets side-tracked by Scathach. Disappearing off in the forest, the Scathach casts a spell on her, just like she to did to her brother Matt. Monet and Audrey manage to get to the barn only to discover Lee’s confession on tape. Furious at their deception, they head back to the house, where they encounter a possessed Lee, who in turn ends up killing Monet by throwing her down the stairs. Audrey, now wounded, manages to escape; she runs out of the house but passes out immediately after right outside. It is insinuated that she maybe dead.


We see all the events occurring through the CCTV footage in and outside the house as well as Audrey’s phone camera, who bizarrely is still filming whilst running for her life. Visually everything is dark and blurry with Audrey’s wailing and crying as a constant remainder that terror is unfolding even if we can’t see it.

Viewers get another disclaimer towards the end of the episode, warning people of graphic and disturbing images. As if viewers need reminding, it not like we’ve been watching a Disney film all this time; especially with the countless scenes of gut pulling, hangings, head cleaving, fleshing burning etc. etc. Not sure there is much left that can shock viewers anymore.

The three travellers are Roanoke fans with their dedicated blogs and their viral YouTube videos. They appear to possibly to get in on the action and get their hands on some exclusive footage. Sadly, and predictably their fate is the same as the rest of the cast. One gets killed by Lee and other two are skewered and burned alive by the brutal colonials, right outside the front door of the house.

The numerous dead bodies are found by the police in the morning, along with a traumatized and frazzled Lee and a passed out Audrey holding a gun who the police think is dead. As Audrey wakes up, she sees the police help Lee into their car and points the gun at her ready to shoot, only for her to immediately be shot down dead by the police instead.


So there we have it…. the only survivor is Lee Harris who happens to be spirit possessed and a murderer. Which leads us to think that Lee is possibly going to be the focal point for the next and final episode. There doesn’t seem to be any loose ends, so things in Chapter Ten could go any way possible. It was stated already by the show’s creators, that episode ten was connected to the previous two stories but is also a stand alone episode. We await the next and final instalment!

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