Amazon Pilot: Cocked

Now a well established idea in TV-land, Amazon’s pilot season is becoming a brand in it’s own right. So far the mega online retailer has spawned the mildly successful Alpha House, and the wildly successful Transparent. With their 2015 pilot season just finishing is Cocked worth a full season?

With a solid cast of TV actors the basic premise of Cocked is that of an estranged son drawn back into the family business when things go south. So far, so cliched. The unique selling point here though is that it’s the gun business. That leaves plenty of room for some pointed drama, or political comment, or really just for the show to make some sort of point about the current climate in the US. It doesn’t. The show plumps for a more dramedy type route that focuses on the characters not the issue.

Good job that those characters are compelling then; mostly. Sam Tremmell gets a starring role after the end of True Blood but sadly for him he’s given the straight man role, he’s aiming for partner in his firm and has a wife and two kids; though he plays it to a tee it’s dry, dull, and not that interesting. On the other side of the fence it’s great to see Jason Lee back on TV, he’s playing Jason Lee but that’s a good thing, and he’s a much better actor than he gets credit for. As the cocaine snorting, hot girl screwing older brother he gets the best scenes, the best lines, and the best facial hair. Add a wily Brian Dennehy to the mix as the patriarch and you’ve got enough to keep the attention.

Storywise it’s solid if not spectacular, but it drops enough potential to hint at what it could become, and there is plenty to say on the subject matter if you’ve got the balls. As for a full season, it has to be a strong shout and Amazon does have a gap in its schedule for this type of show.

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