Amazon Pilot: Bosch

As one of the successful pilots from Amazon’s much heralded Pilot Season last year, Bosch has been picked up for a full season on Amazon Instant Video. The show drops on the service on 13th February; but what about that pilot episode?

Well it’s a hit and miss affair, the set-up is useful for exposition purposes, a lot of information about Detective Harry Bosch is given out in the courtroom scenes, but is massively cliched in every other way. The contentious shooting of a suspect, uneasy relationship with authority, war hero background, attractive new colleague, the by-the-book Internal Affairs cop; check, check, check, check, and check. All boxes well and truly ticked.

The eponymous hero himself is quite unlikeable, and though Titus Welliver is a usually solid actor he leads a not wholly convincing cast in this pilot episode. And that’s despite Annie Wersching (24), Lance Reddick (Fringe, and The Wire), and Scott Wilson (The Walking Dead) all making appearances.

Whilst the plot moves along pretty quickly in places - the court case and the discovery of multiple childrens bodies - and draws you in there isn’t enough time to flesh out any of the characters, which means it’s difficult to truly buy into the show. It’s one of the big problems for this way of doing things, the viewer has 30-40 minutes to figure out whether they want to see more of a show, and there are plenty of shows that get made that don’t grab you until you’re a few hours into their story.

So, Bosch isn’t fully convincing but it did enough for Amazon to make a full series, and you can check back with us to see what we thought of that after its launch.

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