Agents of SHIELD: 5.11 All the Comforts of Home

This episode had a lot to live up to, not so much because the previous instalment was so exciting, but because of what it set up. Going into ‘All the Comforts of Home’, we knew the Agents were returning to the past so, not only was I expecting the overall plot to develop further, but I wanted to see individual elements that shape the potential future. Thankfully, we get all of this and more.

Let’s begin with the bad (thankfully there’s not too much). The opening scene was heavily jarring and confusing, I understood this was setting up the villain but it felt dreadfully out of place. Initially passable due to the surrounding mystery, I later discovered it was General Hale, who was chasing SHIELD after the whole AIDA situation. Perhaps it’s my memory, but I feel a little explanation would’ve gone a long way here.

A scene I found to be laugh-out-loud hilarious was Daisy, stating that SHIELD is priority one on all wanted lists, and that anyone with a badge will be after them. This was followed by a scene where Coulson and crew chat with a policeman who’s none-the-wiser. Not sure if this was done on purpose but I found it so funny.

The lack of forced conflict between Coulson and Daisy was very welcoming. After being forcibly brought back to the past by Coulson, I expected Daisy to resent, fight, or do something to generate drama. Instead it was refreshing to see her, although not thrilled, brush it off, knowing there’s nothing she can do. Talk about character growth.

The transition between returning home and getting back into it was excellent. Before going to the future they were all wanted criminals, so it only stands to reason they’ll still be wanted. The only disappointment was where they were transported to; turns out, they appeared in the same place they were in the Lighthouse, only 70 or so years prior. It just so happened that the Lighthouse was a secret SHIELD facility complete with supplies, underground tunnels for transport, and basically anything they could ever need. Although very SHIELD-like, it takes away the “on the run” element, giving them an automatic place of refuge.

Deke’s arrival, although expected, was bizarre, more for the how than the why. Either way, his addition was fantastic. Remember, he knows nothing aside from Kree rule and torture, so the idea that he would hug a tree and eat garbage was both believable and hilarious. The sequence with him stuffing his face with all he can eat, while chugging down a crudely implemented American product placement (Zima) was priceless; this scene alone was worth keeping Deke alive.

The villain has firmly set her heels in place and washed away any desire to see Kasius or Sinara again. We’re first introduced to Ruby in the opening sequence, speaking with General Hale; she appears to be a standard teenager, with an unhealthy obsession for Daisy. Her introduction was handled very well and set wheels in motion to keep the excitement alive surrounding her character.

One of my favourite scenes of this episode, by far, was the attack on Coulson and team by a masked figure and henchman. Although this scene reintroduced another character from last season, Piper (seriously! Did I watch a different season to everyone else - I don’t remember the more minor characters), it was executed perfectly. The masked figure was reminiscent of Xena, at least with her weapon;I’m sure everybody assumed this was Sinara, which would have been great as her departure was dull, but sadly it wasn’t the case.

The first encounter between her and SHEILD was superb, and one for the record books; she arguably dealt a more fatal blow than any other villain. My last review stated the lack of logic in Kasius’ decision to cut off Yoyo’s arms, here we learn that it was in-fact our new masked villain. This helped to add validity to Kasius’ actions and to show Yoyo, especially, that things are panning out as future Yoyo foretold. I can’t wait to see how the team, particularly Mack, deal with this scenario.

The return to the past has been an interesting one, new villains have been set firmly in place, characters have been given new and exciting story arcs, and for the first time in a long while, the agents actually feel like they’re in danger. There’s also a lot of unanswered questions, from Coulson’s alien disease, to whether Daisy will ever get her powers back. Most importantly, when will Fitz and Simmons set a date for their wedding? All of this will no doubt expand into newer and more exciting paths for our heroes that I am looking forward to seeing progress

If the remaining part of this season continues to be as exciting and entertaining as this episode, we are no doubt in for a wild ride.

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