Agents of SHIELD: 5.09 Best Laid Plans

This season continues to impress, week after week, producing an excellent, well written and executed story. It is drifting further away from its MCU roots, which is proving to be an advantage. The two story arcs - Mack, Yoyo and Flint on the Lighthouse and May and crew on the Earth’s surface - literally and figuratively explode into action as they take the fight to the Kree, and knock Kasius down a peg … or six.

Firstly, I feel like shouting ‘Viva La Revolution’ after this week’s uprising, led by Mack, Yoyo and Flint. The three way dynamic is excellent, each playing a necessary, if somewhat clichéd role. Mack continuing to treat Flint like a child feels very natural; he would still have parental instincts and an overly protective nature after losing his daughter in the Framework. I love how his character has bounced back from such a horrible scenario; it would’ve been easy to make him bleak, depressed and unseen as he “finds himself”. Instead, he is still one of the greats.

Flint’s character is possibly the most disappointing; in the previous episode he had very little to do, and this time around is no different. He has potential to be brilliant, but thus far he’s yet to shine. My theory is that he travels back to the past with the Agents, and he’s the Destroyer of Worlds as opposed to Daisy. Either way, as unused as he may be his possibilities are still interesting. Also the fact that we don’t see him using his powers is irritating, especially when the effects all round are the best they’ve ever been.

All of a sudden, as the team gain control of the lower levels, the majority of the Lighthouse inhabitants join the fight. I’m on board, but this felt very sudden, especially when the majority wanted to hand Flint over to the Kree only last episode. I didn’t overly enjoy the return of Tess, it felt forced and convenient. The only good to come from it was the tie-in mythology, using Kree technology that brought Coulson back to life in season one. Otherwise, her character was dull, although hopefully she is given more to do now and not left on the side lines.

Down on the surface, there’s plenty to ingest that’s very exciting. Firstly, Fitz and Simmons discuss the whole time paradox thing after discovering some modifications to the Zephyr that only they could’ve done. I don’t claim to understand any of it, but I loved that they addressed the issue that I’ve been perplexed about for weeks. Secondly, we get round two of Sinara vs Daisy. Strangely enough, Sinara doesn’t use her balls of fury at all possibly because Daisy is without her powers; it would’ve been easy to knock her out but instead she chose to fight bear knuckle style. The fight was well shot but the whole sequence was very anti-climactic, not only would it have been nice to see May get some revenge, but Sinara’s death didn’t feel worthy of her talents or presence. Daisy had help from both Deke and the Gravity Storm; it was all just a bit cheap and lacklustre for such a good character.

Quite possibly the best sequence was the final one. Kasius, growing frustrated, confronts Mack and Yoyo, threatening to destroy the levels. He is rambling, the bombs around the station are removed and placed where Kasius would least want them, so when he finally presses the explode button he destroys his supply of blood and Terrigen crystals. I absolutely love it when shows play on a trope especially one as prominent as an over confident villain; this was executed perfectly. Additionally, Dominic Rains (Kasius) is quickly becoming one of my favourite actors, with some superb performances.

Kasius’ presence was growing ever more menacing and evil but now, with no Inhumans, no Sinara and no bombs, all seems lost for him…or is it? We learn that he too has a seer (like Robin). I didn’t much like this development; it felt cheap to introduce this plot device. Kasius’ character has been developed as a tactician, using his resources to achieve his goals; the seer only serves, in my opinion, to diminish that quality.

There’s plenty to take away from this episode. The flow especially was fantastic and, like a great movie, it felt like it lasted five minutes. I would assume that the team will be going back to the past soon, which feels like the right time, with so much potential story to explore. The character developments continue to excite as does nearly every other aspect of this show. Aside from last season’s Ghost Rider introduction, I can’t think of a time I enjoyed watching Agents of SHIELD so much. Keep up the good work!

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