Agents of SHIELD: 3.19 Failed Experiments

Oh TV budgets. Whilst CGI effects, used effectively and sparingly can be made to look fantastic on screen, some practical effects really can suffer. The Kree on television look, well, just a little be underwhelming. It's a shame as it somewhat undermines the whole episode here despite the excellent performances all round.


We get a greater sense of who Hive is and what he wants. He's a villain, at times a little hammy, but he also seems saddened by the world he finds himself in. He finds not just failed experiments but failed promise. Hive even predicts the actions of Civil War (only millionaires can build iron suits, only the military can make super soldiers). He's an interesting villain, pure evil perhaps, but driven by a very human anger.

The failed experiments are somewhat grotesque and the shot of the test subject melting perhaps didn't need to be held for so long. John Hannah soon distracts us from the gore, giving us a reckless, cocksure scientist who sits just the right side of mad.

It's good to see that consummating their relationship hasn't affected Fitz and Simmons ability to deliver easy, fun banter but there work may strain the relationship. As seems to be the case for most of this season their very human story continues to ground the show, even affecting the more histrionic Lincoln/Daisy relationship. Lincoln has been sidelined for some time and sometimes comes off as something of a petulant teen. Simmons and Lincoln have a great scene together as she puts him in her place. She is both sympathetic and strong willed. Simmons has really stolen the show this season as Elizabeth Henstridge and the writers continue to find new facets and strength for the character.


Chloe Bennett really gets to shine in this episode, at first we suspect that she may be questioning Hive's plan (instead of the blind obedience we have seen so far) but her dismantling of Mack, both emotionally and physically is brilliantly written and performed. It's a stand out moment in an episode that is fun and action packed but almost feels a little like filler. Did it really take all that to happen for Daisy to reveal they could have been using her blood all along?

We're moving towards the finale now as Hive begins to grow his army. Are Coulson and team strong enough to take him on?

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