Agents of SHIELD: 3.06 Among Us Hide...

There was absolutely no surprise in finding Andrew alive but those final moment in this episode? That was a surprise. Andrew is Lash and he's been using SHIELD to hunt down the Inhumans not the ATCU as the episode was trying to make us believe.
Fun fact, this episode is named after Fantastic Four Issue #45 "Among Us Hide... The Inhumans" so maybe it wasn't a big surprise for the eagle eyed.


There was plenty of padding in this episode - the scenes between Coulson and Rosalind Pierce in her apartment were the dictionary definition of such - and it was only in the closing moments that we had any real fireworks, action or drama wise.

This was largely an episode of moving pieces around the board. Ward seems to have unlimited access to identikit warehouse spaces but hasn't had time to paint a Hydra logo on the wall yet. Hunter is off the case but May and Morse (how exciting to see Mockingbird back in action) are on the trail instead. The schism between Coulson and Daisy is growing but boy was it a long and winding road to get to that reveal.

Fitz and Simmons have a few stand out moments this week especially Gemma putting Andrew on the psychiatrist's chair was fun and shows the real growth the character has experienced.


Other positives include getting to see the new Bus in action and May's course of tough love on Bobbi as the two headed out to the Cayman Islands (wouldn't it have been cooler to see Madripoor?) May's look of hurt and panic when she discovered Andrew was Lash was genuinely touching too. That said, wouldn't it be easier to spot these traitors if more people noticed them turning around and glaring menacingly more often?

We also learned more about Rosalind and the ATCU and she made a compelling case for their search for an (In)humane cure. We're back in X-Men territory but it was well handled here. Just a shame it took so long to get to it. It's the shades of grey that really make this season work.


One fun new addition to the show was new Hydra face Gideon Malick played by Powers Boothe. Fans may also have recognised Boothe as he previously appeared in The Avengers as a member of the World Security Council. Here he is revealed to be a Hydra agent in hiding - though easy enough for Werner Von Strucker to chase down. Ah, the Von Struckers, the MCU really hasn't done that family any favours and it's hard not to see Malick warning Ward about burning assets too early as a warning to the writers across the Marvel Universe. Regardless, Malick seems to be a fun new asset to the villains roster and will play a big part in Grant Ward's future.

Overall, a slower episode saved by a great and unexpected payoff.

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