Agents Of SHIELD: 2.21 S.O.S (Part 1)

The first part of S.O.S (the US showed both parts in one night) saw the fallout of Jiaying's actions last week as war erupted between SHIELD and the Inhumans. The action picked up immediately after Jiaying's murder of Gonzales, as Inhumans turned upon SHIELD agents and May and Skye faced each other in battle. It was quite a journey for these two; they had started the season with Skye as May's protege and those skills paid off as May found herself facing an opponent almost as skilled as her. Of course, no amount of training could beat the Cavalry and Skye was forced to use her powers to get the upper hand.

The question over whether Skye had turned against her former friends and colleagues remained open by the episode's end, thanks to the revelations at Afterlife. Jiaying's manipulation of her people became all too clear, from Gordon capturing a quinjet and 'attacking' an empty shelter to make it appear as if SHIELD was the one starting the fight to the callous murder of Raina.

Poor Raina never really found her place in the world; even becoming an Inhuman she never became accepted amongst her 'people'. Ultimately she became a tragic figure and her last act of good was to warn Skye the truth about her mother before she died. Skye witnessing the whole event destroyed her newfound relationship with Jiaying and while Raina's prophecy that Skye would lead these people might come true, she is currently their prisoner, suggesting she might find her way back to SHIELD by the season's end.

I was glad to see that Jiaying's manipulation of the events at Afterlife didn't hold true with Coulson and SHIELD. What was interesting to see was that just one episode after the two factions had reunited, the cracks were already beginning to show. His new second in command, Agent Weaver, counselled war against the Inhumans, while Coulson - and rather surprisingly Mack - wanted answers first.

For Coulson it was the interrogation of the Trojan horse that was Calvin Zabo. We thought we had seen his 'angry' before, but that was nothing compared to his final 'Hyde' moment where his concoction - with added adrenaline - transformed him physically into a monster. Poor Coulson, Fitz and Simmons found themselves on the run, unable to get help from Lance and May who were off to confront Ward, Agent 33 and save Bobbi, while Weaver's helicarrier came under attack from Gordon and a whole host of Inhumans.

Rather disappointingly, we didn't get to see a lot of different powers at play during the attack, though Alicia Vela-Bailey's red-headed Inhuman with the ability to clone herself was a great addition. The crew of the SHIELD carrier found themselves rounded up by enemy forces for the second time, though judging by the episode's end, Mack is going to unleash his inner badass self next week and possibly save everyone. And just where the mysterious black rock plays into all this remains to be seen. We were presented with a great cliffhanger though as Jiaying took out another Terrigen crystal and was prepared to kill every agent who wasn't transformed into an Inhuman.

And just to make things extra interesting, we had Ward and Agent 33's interrogation and torture of Bobbi. Naturally Lance raced off to her rescue while May joined him to get her revenge against Ward. I kind of hope that Ward does survive that battle though; he is a far more fun and interesting character than he was in season one.

We also got some great interplay between Bobbi and Ward over the nature of betrayal - Bobbi giving Agent 33 into HYDRA to save a much great number of agents against Ward's betrayal last season. Bobbi also proved just how dangerous she was, breaking free of her restraints and attacking Ward and Agent 33 simultaneously. It was no Daredevil hallway fight, but it was certainly thrilling.

Aside from Jiaying threatening to turn / kill everyone on the SHIELD helicarrier, the episode did end rather abruptly, suggesting that it should be watched immediately with the finale. But as its own story, S.O.S. Part 1 delivered on the war between SHIELD and the Inhumans. The only question now is who will not make it out of season two alive? And considering there is a movie coming in 2019, where will the Inhumans be come season three?

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