Agents Of SHIELD: 2.15 One Door Closes

After weeks of teasing new plotlines, One Door Closes was the episode we had been waiting for, with both the Inhumans and alternate SHIELD stories showing genuine signs of momentum. The shift from mission of the week to arc-based storytelling arguably helped Agents Of SHIELD develop into a more confident series but it really has felt like the show has been trying to find its feet since its mid-season return.

SHIELD versus SHIELD is arguably more interesting even than SHIELD versus HYDRA; their mission statements might be different but they are both the good guys. This was reinforced with the excellent flashbacks to the day SHIELD fell, as Mac and Bobbi rescued the helicarrier's commander, Robert Gonzales and helped tack back the ship form the traitorous HYDRA agents. It allowed for a welcome return of Lucy Lawless's SHIELD agent Izzy Hartley, whose death at the beginning of season two felt like a wasted opportunity. It also showed just how much blood, sweat and tears the group went through to save the day and forge their own SHIELD.

Which is why their assault on Coulson's headquarters was so tragic. It brought down everything Coulson had been working for and turned SHIELD against SHIELD once more. Their actions may have not been right but their motivations were understandable; stopping a unit corrupted by alien influence. I believed everything Gonzales and Bobbi were fighting for just as I cheered when May and Simmons fought back, the former shooting Gonzales to allow Coulson to escape while the latter laid a clever trap for Bobbi to disable her.

Even then lines became blurred as Simmons came face to face with her mentor Agent Weaver, who had been saved by Gonsalez's men when HYDRA attacked the academy. These new agents weren't evil, they were trying to do the right thing. Which is why her agreeing to help an injured Mac was so significant. In fact, given her aversion to super-powered people as of late, I even wonder whether Simmons might switch sides.

Bobbi on the other hand, might be having a huge change of heart. She has already faced some aggressive questions from her new SHIELD colleagues and destroyed her relationship with Lance but the actions at the end of the episode showed her resolve breaking further. The assault on the cabin Skye was hiding out in was never going to go well, but seeing her unleash her powers in such spectacular fashion proved to be another highlight of the episode. Agent Calderon didn't look to have come out of the situation alive, impaled with a huge chunk of tree and the death of one of the key player in the new SHIELD at the hands of Skye is sure to have some huge ramifications moving forward.

Like the new SHIELD, Skye's new powers have been teased a lot over the past few weeks so this episode finally took steps to move this forward as she encountered the eyeless Gordon. His appearance at the cabin took her further away from her SHIELD colleagues and his daring rescue at the end promised some development with the Inhumans storyline too. We have already been teased with a reunion between Raina and Skye's father and now the mysterious Inhuman leader. With Skye joining them I am expecting big things to come.

With Coulson separated from his team and reunited with Lance, Skye joining the Inhumans and our remaining heroes prisoners, this feels like almost as big a turning point in the show as the big HYDRA reveal. Also, did anyone notice the second overt Bruce Banner / The Hulk reference in two weeks. Is Agents Of SHIELD teasing us with this? Perhaps a connection to The Avengers: Age Of Ultron? If the show continues with the pace set by this strong episode, there are surely big things to come.

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