Agents Of SHIELD: 2.12 Who You Really Are

The mystery of the Inhumans and Skye's new powers continued to deepen this week as a seemingly separate storyline involving the returning Lady Sif delved into the bigger plot. The incident in the temple had not gone by unnoticed in the larger universe, with the Kree and Asgard on the case to track down new Kree / Human super soldiers. The stakes certainly seem to be getting higher.

This week was another example of the show building on the foundations of last year. By bringing in Lady Sif in season one, shortly before the HYDRA plot kicked off, there was no need to introduce the more cosmic elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the TV show. Sif had come to Earth to hunt a Kree, who in turns was hunting the Inhumans...specifically Skye and Raina. It was interesting to see another side to the Kree race, with Warehouse 13's Eddie McClintock adding a likeability to his Vin-Tak that was a millions miles away from Guardian Of The Galaxy's Ronan or the slightly more insidious nature of the faction that created the soldiers on Earth.
Jaimie Alexander added to her character with some lovely moments, particularly when she was missing her memory. I particularly loved her involuntary smile when Coulson mentioned Thor - and May's whole hearted agreement. Also the various bits of knowledge from her childhood, like the known languages of every race known to Asgard. Sif and Vin-Tak also allowed for some super-powered action sequences from the opening battle on the Pier to the moment they decided to take down the threat that was Skye.

I am glad that the show hasn't dragged out Skye hiding her newfound powers from the team for weeks on end. There was a certain amount of shock and betrayal when they found the truth - Simmons was particularly devastated by Fitz's decision to hide the results from her and his assertions that she would consider Skye something to be destroyed. Though while I never fully believed that she would harm Skye, her comments regarding the super-powered threats to Earth have been on the extreme side over the last couple of weeks.
In the end, they chose to save Skye; May continued to play the big sister role to Skye as she hid her from Sif and Vin-Tak. But for the second week in a row Mac was the one to voice dissent in the ranks, stating that they were the ones that needed protection from Skye. A grain of truth perhaps, but I felt for Skye as she overheard the whole thing and retreated to her 'bunker' to shield herself from everyone.

Talking of Mac, his secret allegiance to another force outside SHIELD took a small step in its development this week, though I am glad Bobbi outrightly said they weren't HYDRA. I am guessing it is something similar to SHIELD, but with its own agenda and that neither Mac or Bobbi are evil. Lance naturally didn't buy the whole support group thing but his questions took him too far; with Mac attacking him at the end of the episode. Between Skye and this betrayal, there are sure to be some emotional shock waves that are going to tear this group apart in the coming weeks.
Neither episode has been as riveting as the final run of episodes before the mid-season break, but I am intrigued as to the direction the show is going. For two weeks we have been teased about the Inhumans; this week more information came to light and with the discovery that all the diviners are missing, I suspect that there are going to be quite a few more revelations before this season is over.

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