Agents Of SHIELD: 2.10 What They Become

What a roller coaster the last ten weeks have been. Agents Of SHIELD upped its game with the season opener Shadows and the pace didn't relent all the way to the mid-season finale; and What They Become truly felt like a finale in every sense, not just because we will have at least three months until it returns, but because it brought closure to a number of plot threads while leaving us with plenty more questions.

As many fans had suspected, the alien city and the obelisk were all part of an ancient Kree plan to create a race of Inhumans. Skye - and Raina - have now been exposed to the power of the crystal within their obelisk; I am excited to see how they develop their powers, what impact that has on the team and whether they will eventually become part of the Inhumans movie in 2018. Either way, Skye - or Daisy Johnson as she appears in the comics - is the new Quake.
And alas, poor Triplett. He was one of the more interesting characters to emerge in the latter half of season one but hasn't always been utilised in this second season. Still, it was cruel to kill him off so tragically, just a couple of weeks after he almost died of a gunshot wound. Not that it was a surprise either; someone HAD to die, considering the rapidly expanding team and the stakes raised over the hunt for the alien city.

Interestingly Mac didn't meet his maker at the end of the last episode; apparently alien possession is enough to make you survive a fall into a hundred foot pit. He seemed to break free of the alien presence at the end of the episode; as to what becomes of him now is anyone's guess. Will he continue his affiliation to HYDRA now that Daniel Whitehall is dead. And for that matter, just what is going on with Bobbi? Lance picked up that she was hiding a secret - is she SHIELD, HYDRA or something else entirely?
Talking of Whitehall, HYDRA lost another head off the snake this week as Coulson put a bullet in his chest. I suspect that with Raina unleashing the obelisk in the temple, HYDRA's plans have fallen apart. They are still a huge presence but I wonder if the Inhumans story line and - I suspect - the events of Avengers: Age Of Ultron shortly after the show returns might take dominance in the second half of season two.

Elsewhere, Ward's allegiances continue to remain murky at best. Whitehall and HYDRA was just a mean to an end - Skye - though it was amusing to see that when she had the chance she shot him several times, leaving him bleeding on the ground. He won't die yet of course. Grant Ward has become one of the most interesting characters on the show, something we couldn't have imagined this time last year.

Skye also got the long-awaited reunion with her father, the increasingly deranged Calvin Zabo. I'm not sure whether to feel sorry for him, his methods might have been terrible but all he really wanted to do was get revenge for his wife's murder - something Coulson denied him by killing Whitehall - and reconnect with a daughter that despises him. There is still a lot of mystery about him and what powers he has; I'm looking forward to seeing how the show explores this bizarre father-daughter relationship.
Amid the drama there was still plenty of time for some thrilling action. May dive-bombing the plane to escape the HYDRA missiles was a dramatic opening to the episode while the fight between HYDRA and SHIELD agents ramped up the stakes as other characters ventured into the city. I was disappointed that we didn't get to May take out her evil twin Agent 33 once and for all but then this episode left for the potential for much more still to come.

Overall, What They Become was an exciting end to ten weeks of Agents Of SHIELD. If the show can maintain the pace - and there hasn't been a bad episode in season two yet - then I would be happy for it to keep going for years, delivering on its original potential as a key part of the larger Marvel cinematic universe. The second half of season two feels like a long time away...

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