Agents Of SHIELD: 2.09 Ye Who Enter Here

This week’s Agents Of SHIELD certainly left things hanging ahead of the mid-season finale with at least one character dead – or at least possessed by an evil alien force, one kidnapped, one character a potential traitor and more agents about to blown out of the sky by HYDRA.

So where to begin? Let’s talk about Coulson’s mission to San Juan in Puerto Rico to find the mysterious underground city. A look between Mac and Bobbi led to a worrisome conversation later on between them when she told him she would not share their secret with Lance. Knowing that Mac has been an undercover agent of HYDRA all along, the episode suggested that she too was evil. Or at least pretending to be.

Is Bobbi HYDRA pretending to be SHIELD pretending to be HYDRA? Or is she on to Mac’s game – they have been friends for years after all and is actually SHIELD pretending to be HYDRA pretending to be SHIELD pretending to be HYDRA? The mind boggles, but considering her role in the comics (as Mockingbird) it would be shocking for her to end up against Coulson. In recent week’s she has certainly stepped up as his second right hand woman after May. Bobbi turning traitor would probably send Lance off the deep end too.
Talking of Mac, his possession by the alien force at the entrance to the city led to a thrilling fight sequence. I was genuinely on edge when Simmons almost plunged into the pit. Seemingly unlikable, it upped the ante for what was really down in the temple within the city and what would happen when HYDRA got their hands on it. I’ve been waiting to see what happens when the team discover Mac has been working against them since the season two opener so I was shocked when he seemed to plunge to his death. If this is it for Henry Simmons’s time on the show, at least his character went out on a high after sitting in the background for much for the season.

Agent 33 made a surprise return, still wearing a disfigured Melinda May mask, this time hunting down Raina in Vancouver. Her rescue by two Agent Koeings was a fun surprise and the action – and revelations – kept coming as the real May lead a mission to rescue her. Raina has become a far more interesting character this year – not just in her connection to Skye’s unhinged father but her own vulnerability. She continued to surprise – running towards the HYDRA agents before May’s van ran the enemy down – and willingly gave herself up to Daniel Whitehall at the end but there was a time when I wondered if she was taking steps towards becoming another SHIELD recruit too.
Skye’s ’interrogation’ provided the biggest revelations of the episode. I’m fairly certainly this was the first time the Kree were confirmed as the blue aliens and we learned a lot more about the purpose; to create a master race of humans, those like Raina and Skye’s mother who could touch the obelisk. As to what that artefact does when it is placed in the city’s temple remains a mystery for next week, but with Skye and Raina in Whitehall’s custody at the end of the episode, things aren’t looking good for SHIELD.

There was plenty of action, drama and comedy this week – the show really has found that balance now. Skye got to go toe to toe with ’bad May’ Agent 33. I love the running gag of the Koeings getting the shivers over someone wearing someone else’s face. Ward turning up as the HYDRA negotiator wasn’t a big surprise but it was great to see a helpless May and Skye unable to do anything. Skye going with him at the end looks set to take her relationship with Ward in another direction again. At it all ended with Agent 33 ordering HYDRA to shoot down the bus. There was a lot packed into this episode.

Next week is the final episode before Agents Of SHIELD returns in March. It is going to be a long wait for the second half of season two. The US is going to get Agent Carter in between - I’m hoping someone picks it up over here. Because I am really going to miss my weekly trips to the Marvel cinematic universe…

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