Agents Of SHIELD: 2.05 A Hen In The Wolf House

Lance's ex-wife is Mockingbird. We've heard a lot about his psychotic ex-wife over the last few weeks so it was delight when this kick ass SHIELD agent emerged into the mix and sparks began to fly as they were reunited.

Bobbi Morse is far more successful than last year's Deathlock, even in her first appearance. In one of the many twists and turns of this week's episode, she entered the story as the forbidding head of HYDRA security at the laboratory Simmons was working at and quickly comes across as a thorn in the plucky scientist's side. So it was a brilliant twist to have her turn on her fellow guards as they closed in the exposed Simmons and help her escape. She certainly has some impressive fighting skills - is she the show's Black Widow? - and their escape by jumping off the building onto the invisible jet was impressive. I'm looking forward to her dynamic with the team - particularly Lance - now she has joined the team's ranks.

My only gripe was that Simmons' undercover mission seemed over before it had even begun. The titular hen in the wolf house (along with Bobbi) might have some vital secrets to tell Coulson but we only had two episodes this season with her amid HYDRA's ranks. It was a role that made her purpose in the show far more interesting than one half of the Fitzsimmons dynamic. That being said, her reunion with Fitz was very bittersweet and hopefully we can get past the whole imaginary Simmons plot that has already run its course this season.

On a side note - Fitz's imaginary Simmons was quick to note Mac's physique - is there a side to him we haven't seen yet?
Simmons' reveal to HYDRA was certainly thrilling and with the growing ranks of SHIELD agents this season you had to wonder if this was it for her. Raina's double bluff back fired as Coulson and his team failed to give in to her demands and I can't help but feel sorry for her now that Skye's father has rejected her and she has that implant, courtesy of Daniel Whitehall. Not that I expect her to die of course. Also, was it just me or was there something of a connection between her and Coulson on their dinner date?

But now that Skye's father and Whitehall seem to have joined ranks and HYDRA have the ability to create the 'world-ending' virus from the Obelisk, the threat looks to be greater than just HYDRA. The opening terrorist attack at the wedding was certainly nasty; if anything there was a definite Fringe vibe to it.
Kyle MacLachlan's mysterious doctor certainly seems to have a bit of a Hulk about him. Deranged and very strong I'm most looking forward to where this story line is going - in fact HYDRA may be a bit of a red herring as a the main threat. The idea that he - and Skye - may not even be human certainly adds the galactic feel that has emerged in the movies to the TV show.

I also liked that they didn't drag out the Coulson hiding his drawings story line out for too long. Up to now I'd wondered why he would bother to hide this from Skye but it all makes sense now. Interestingly she wasn't affected, suggesting she may very well be an alien. Her final deduction - that the drawing was a map - certainly makes me believe there is at least an end goal in sight for what is happening to the SHIELD director. I guess the show can't drag some plots out too much...not with the events of Age Of Ultron sure to have some impact to the latter half of this second season.
This week wasn't the best episode of season two - that honour goes to last week's Coulson and May undercover mission, but it was certainly another very strong entry. The team is growing, the villains are uniting and the mysteries are unraveling nicely. All thoughts of last year's early one surely seem a distant memory now. I'm certainly excited for the next few weeks...

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