Agent Carter: 1.07 A Sin to Err

After returning from Russia an hero last week, everything came crashing down as Peggy's secrets were revealed. Souza identified his colleague as the woman impeding their investigation, Peggy was forced to leave Angie and her home at the Griffith behind and she went from SSR agent to fugitive in the space of one episode.

I continue to appreciate the excellent pacing and depth of the show. In space of eight episodes it is crafting a story that you might ordinarily see in a standard 22-episode season. As good as superhero shows like The Flash and Agents Of SHIELD might be, there is arguably some fat to be trimmed throughout the season. With Agent Carter you get the same twists, turns, character development and a sense of a fully-rounded world in a much more confined space of time. An argument for brevity over quantity - perhaps. The argument of course is what the show can do with its final two episodes but I remain confident that the payoff will be worth it.

The focus of the episode was the hunt for the Agent Krezminski's killer - a woman the SSR agents realise came from the training school of psychotic girls they faced in Russia. Bridget Regan's Dottie Underwood is a formidable foe, hiding in the shadows, unbeknownst even to Peggy Carter. We see her working with Leviathan in the flashback to 1944 Russia, brutally murdering a man who refuses to join them, while a captured Doctor Ivchenko awaits his fate. She continues to be a cold, brutal killer, murdering a dentist who was only looking for a new secretary just to get a vantage point of the SSR offices and almost killing Carter - after knocking her out with a deadly kiss - during the final showdown at the Griffith.

Of course the most fun twist of the episode had to be the reveal that the innocent Doctor Ivchenko working with Chief Dooley is in fact a Leviathan Agent, working with Dottie and ordering her to kill Peggy with a secret signal. He seemed like such a nice guy last week and now I fear for what will happen to Dooley now that Ivchenko has begun to hypnotise him. Worse still, with the SSR distracted by the revelation that Peggy has betrayed them, they will surely not look to the doctor within their midst.

With her colleagues oblivious to the real threat, Peggy Carter was forced to turn on her colleagues - and potentially in Sousa, a friend - as they closed in on her and Jarvis at the diner. The action sequence was top notch as she punched one agent, kicked another and knocked out a third with a well-thrown plate. But seeing her go up against Thompson was something different altogether. After he had confided in her about his past during their trip to Russia you could see the anguish as he tried to convince her to turn herself in. She also came across as genuinely meaning her apology before knocking him out. Sousa meanwhile looked to be the one to be her undoing, but failed to shoot her as she escaped through the alley. Perhaps there is still hope that their budding friendship can be rekindled.

To be honest, Carter saying goodbye Angie and the Griffith didn't feel as earned as it could have been, having only moved in four episodes earlier but as I mentioned above, the pacing has genuinely been so good I will forgive this. The sentiment was still there. And then, thanks to Dottie's kiss, that inevitable escape never happens. Carter ends the episode a prisoner of the very people she had been working with earlier than morning.

"Don't go easy on her because she's a girl" Dooley cautions Sousa as he begins her interrogation. For the first time, the SSR hasn't underestimated her. Now the truth is out, I am excited to see how this all plays out.

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