A Man Without Honour

We’re into the final straight with Game of Thrones season 2 now: the seventh of ten episodes, only three left. I point this out because, to be honest, you’d be forgiven for not noticing this whilst watching the show. With the exception of one line by Tyrion about approaching ships, the threats of an endgame are minimal.

So, is this a problem? And what’s going on in the meantime?

Well, if you want a summary of events, you could probably re-read last week’s review for the most part. Jon Snow is still being mocked in the snow by wilding Ygritte, Danerys is still in Quarth yelling, Arya and Lord Tywin have another beautifully pitched scene, Robb is still flirting with danger.

So, let’s focus on the things that aren’t samey. Jaime Lannister, whose absence I was noting in that last review, finally returns and steals the episode despite being chained up. Great scenes, impressive beard, and now Tyrion is grim and serious, we need someone to provide levity.

Cersei gets her moments too, as her increasing isolation finally lets her appear sympathetic. Her scene with Sansa was a sweet reminder that, no, things haven’t really changed that much. Sansa’s scene with the Hound was also sweet, in a sad way.

Oh, and at the end, Theon might kill Bran and Rickon. The storytelling isn’t entirely clear, which makes me expect a reversal later – I kinda hope so, because Bran especially was a likable character who hasn’t done much lately. Or possibly he's just killing some random orphans to make a point, I still cite a lack of clarity. Still, one big lesson from this episode: don’t try and escape, it never works.

Normally I run through the storylines and comment that, although a few threads might not entirely be working, the episode as a whole still felt like a satisfying instalment. But to be honest, with the exception of Jaime coming back and the cliffhanger, A Man Without Honour did feel like we were running on a treadmill rather.

Come on, Game of Thrones. Bring it together. Where the hell is Stannis?

Game Of Thrones airs on Mondays at 9PM on Sky Atlantic. More details on their official site.

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