This episode exists to give us some more time with H. G. Wells and revisit some of her past escapades, even though she’s in a kind of Warehouse ‘prison’. Sadly, Jinks is away on ‘personal leave’, so doesn’t appear at all.

When power outages in Pittsburgh turn into a powerful blast that reduces a worker to dust, Pete and Myka are on the scene to investigate. It reminds Myka of an old case she read about in the Warehouse files and they go back to base to discuss with Artie and also Myka petitions for the chance to speak to H.G. about it, knowing it’s possible via hologram.


The Regents approve the communication which infuriates Pete, who still blames H.G. for Myka’s decision to quit the Warehouse at the end of last season. But, as H.G. recounts her investigations of a similar death in the 1890s, Pete has to put his resentment to one side. Through flashbacks, we see H.G. in full agent action, while also learning that she was building a rocket which used the Horn of Joshua as a power source. To keep people safe from the Horn’s destructive power though, she launches the rocket into space. And yet, it’s obviously in current-day Pittsburgh!

Artie recalls a case that occurred in Ohio in 1962, and which Jack and Rebecca investigated (for those who haven’t seen the previous two seasons, these are Warehouse agents whose love story we’ve followed before). Myka and Pete, with their holographic buddy in tow, set off to investigate. The man killed by the Horn in 1962 left a son, who believed his father had been abducted by aliens. He found the Horn and has been using it to try and contact these aliens, not caring who he destroys in the process.


As the team rush to stop any further carnage, it’s H.G.’s appeal that talks the man down from his project and gives him the closure he needed, by telling him his father’s dead and that it’s partially her fault.

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