11.22.63 - The Truth

The big question this episode is whether Lee Harvey Oswald shoots General Walker. Jake's grand plan then is to try and kill Oswald. But his real adversary in this episode is Time, pushing back brutally. And what better way to push back against Jake than by putting Sadie in peril? He had been made to resign because of the suspicions about his moral character, a life of lies leading to deeper lies; and goodbyes. But some things can't be walked away from: Time and Sadie.

Ominousness abounds in the form of Sadie's ex-husband, another violent monster and abuser of women. Beautifully shot, the confrontation pulls us in powerfully, distracting us from what is now Billy's task. If only he weren't equally distracted by Marina Oswald.
Of course, that's not his only distracting, Time continuing to push back hard, and things don't go to plan. Not for Jake, not for Billy, not Sadie or her ex-husband. Everything moves along satisfyingly, despite everyone's plans being thwarted; not that we're disappointed by all of those.

The episode is entitled Truth, and truths are indeed revealed. Not the truths, that Jake thought he wanted, about Oswald, the CIA and JFK. But deeper truths that tie him deeply to his time in a way that might be inescapable. As Time continues to push at Jake, will he have the resilience or will to continue pushing back?

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