11.22.63 - Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald

Time, the show's antagonist, plods on relentlessly and sluggishly, resistant to change, like the Mississippi and we now find ourselves in October 1963, only a month before the JFK shooting. About time for Oswald to get that job in the Texas School Book Depository.

The topic of the Second Shooter, well known to us, hasn't been raised previously, but is actively a topic this episode. Do they exist? If so who are they? Is it someone we know? Someone close? Perhaps Bill, who's become close, not just to Marina, but also to Lee, thereby becoming a problem to be dealt with.
Most significantly, episode six marks the return of the neglected Yellow Card Man, last seen in the pilot, and a character familiar to those who've read Stephen King's book. Still unclear to us as TV audiences is whether they are here as warnings, agents of the anthropomorphised Time or something else entirely.

Miss Mimi continues to be a lovely character, but she's also symptomatic of our approach to the final episode: The smaller characters are falling by the wayside as the focus slowly returns to the mission at hand. One month to go and two episodes to do it in, and forever Time pushes back. It's time for Jake to act; Oswald was acting alone, leaving him with only one course of action. If he can. If he can remember...

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