Dexter: Season 6 DVD Boxset Review

This year in Dexter, the serial killer of serial killers confronted a new dilemma: religion. This gave us a lot of intriguing questions and cool imagery for the promo posters, but did it really go anywhere? Was it entertaining at the same time? Did anything happen?

And, since this is a review of the upcoming DVD release, how about those special features? If you’ve seen the episodes already, is there anything to make you nab these on Amazon?

There is a pleasing air of back-to-basics here. After a couple of seasons breaking the formula and getting under Dex’s skin, there’s something to be said for bringing in a serial killer and having our hero track them whilst pretending to help the police.

Not to mention, they bring back a major element of the novels which was big in the first season but absent since – the elaborately staged kill. Yes, we’ve had villains with unsettling gimmicks, but this time, body parts are pulled out and stuffed in all kinds of places.

And religion is an interesting one to throw at Dexter, in relation to both his son and his killing. How can killers believe in a “good God”? Does someone who has found redemption through religion no longer qualify for death at his hand? All valid points.

However, although the writers raise strong questions, they don’t do much with them. After a thoughtful start, the climax boils down to chasing a crazy man, with little closure to the theme, beyond the trite, obvious moral of “most religious people are nice, but a few are dangerous”.

A lot of the season pivots around a couple of big twists, which I’m reluctant to spoil, but one is a shade predictable and the other so unpredictable that it’s hard to buy into. I’ll leave you to spot them as they come up.

You can assume all the normal Dexter issues apply. So any scenes not featuring Michael C. Hall or Julia Carpenter drag a bit, and the series is increasingly hobbled by its reluctance to change the status quo much. Still, with only two years to go, they ought to get flexible about that soon. There are promising signs towards the end.

So not an awful run, a refreshing breezy feel after two heavy years and guest stars put in strong performances, especially Mos Def, but there’s too many issues for me to give it a glowing review.

Special features wise, we have two featurettes and a load of cast interviews, most of which were probably created as promo material around the start of the season, actors or producers talk in very broad strokes and hold back on specific details. No commentaries or anything else. But to be honest, if you’re looking at a season six boxset of any show, you’re probably not basing your purchase on special features.



out of 10

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