Jessica Jones: 2.12 AKA Pray For My Patsy

From the episode title you may have guessed that Trish is in deep trouble. After Dr Karl’s botched experiment, she’s in a critical condition fighting for her life. Lucky Trish also gets paid two visits from two equally deranged mothers - her own and Jessica’s. Dorothy Walker seems genuinely concerned at first but soon realises she can capitalise on her daughter’s near death experience. Alisa just wants to kill her.

Fortunately, Jessica is able to bring Alisa to her senses before anything untoward happens to Trish, but the situation results in Alisa jumping out of a window with Dt. Sunday - who is the second black female side character to have been killed by Alisa this season. Jessica Jones what gives? Trish is immediately moved to the a safer place which also happens to be the morgue - probably the best place to be if your life is hanging in the balance. 

Jeri’s narrative captivated me the most in this episode. Whilst everyone else seems to be running around, fighting, shouting and trying to get themselves jacked up on super powers - Jeri’s revenge is cool, calm and collected. We know that she was never going to let Shane and Inez off the hook, but the way she rectifies the situation is just so… Jeri Hogarth.

After tracking down the pawn shop where Inez and Shane sold most of her belongings (which she is able to buy back with only her watch - she is unbelievably rich), Jeri meets a shady character under a bridge and takes an untraceable gun from him. She asks if he wants payment now, but he declines and implies that Jeri owing him is far more useful. Jeri then makes her way to Inez’s apartment, waiting outside for Inez to come home. When she finally shows up, Jeri stops her and asks her to talk with her, for a minute. Jeri indicates to files in the backseat, telling Inez that she has prison call logs which prove Shane has been in contact with multiple other women whilst he has been inside. Not only this, but he has also been transferring money to these women - money which the homeless Inez had given him. Jeri weaves a convincing tale, and finishes up by giving Inez the gun - stating that Shane is ‘dangerous’ and she doesn’t want Inez to get hurt. A few minutes later, Shane is dead and Inez is seconds away from being arrested for murder. A quick cut to Jeri’s files show us that there’s nothing inside but a list of pawn shop addresses.

I guess the real lesson here is never underestimate Jeri Hogarth. She’s such an interesting and unique character - cold and calculated and yet she cares so deeply. It wasn’t just about her stuff, her pride had been wounded during the events with Inez. It was about the humiliation. They had to pay.

After Alisa goes full psycho on Trish, Jessica makes it clear to her mother that she will not stand for Alisa attempting to kill her 'sister'. Jessica and Trish go straight back to being best friends in heartbeat (in a way typical of actual sisters), and Trish offers up Simpson's stash to Jessica to help her fight her mother.

This doesn't really go to plan, and the episode ends with Alisa and Jessica driving off into the sunset in an old campervan on what could turn out to be the weirdest mother-daughter road trip ever. It’s as unclear as ever what could happen in the series finale which is a bit disappointing considering there’s only an hour of season two left. Jessica doesn’t really seem to know what she wants to do with Alisa, and because she hasn’t made her mind up, the stakes feel relatively low. It feels kind of inevitable that Alisa will have to die - it’s just a case of how, where and who?


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