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Dirk Gently cancelled by BBC

A couple of months back, we watched the quirky detective show Dirk Gently, based loosely on the novels of Douglas Adams, and were pretty impressed by it. No, it wasn't perfect, but it had a good pace, didn't take itself too seriously and presented some enjoyably twisted mysteries, not to mention a strong chemistry between the leads.

So it gives us no pleasure whatsoever to report that, according to star Stephen Mangan on Twitter, the BBC will not be making any more of it. The four episodes that exist are all we're going to get.


Obviously, we live in troubled times, money is tight and BBC Four is not known for sustaining its own shows for long. Generally, it seems to be the home of documentaries, one-off dramas and imported Danish series with subtitles. Nonetheless, Dirk Gently was an interesting project, a quirky, less-melodramatic alternative to Sherlock.

Then again, the two series are still similar and maybe the BBC have concluded we don't need both when the budget is tight and one is much more successful than the other. There's probably logic there, but it's still sad. RIP Dirk.

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