Jessica Jones: 2.09 AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed

So I was wrong on all three potential shooter guesses at the end of episode eight. The real shooter turns out to be Pryce Cheng, remember him? He seems to have been out of the picture for so long that it took me half the episode to remember why he would want to attack them in the first place. It slowly came back to me that he’s seeking revenge for Alisa killing his friend Nick, who she murdered as he was stealing Jessica’s files and laptop. Cheng can’t tell us that at first though, because Alisa and Jessica keep him gagged, bound and sedated in a bathtub whilst deciding what to do with him. Alisa wants to get rid of him there and then but Jessica wants to reason with him. It seems like Jessica is going to get her way, because soon enough Jessica is called upon by Oscar because Vito’s Mum has kidnapped him.

The dynamic mother-daughter duo pool resources to stop the bus carrying Vito and return him safely to Oscar, in a tense action sequence. This season of Jessica Jones  has actually been pretty devoid of fast-paced action scenes so this was a refreshing touch. It felt pacey, which is definitely something this season has lacked so far. It also worked as an opportunity to see Jessica and Alisa working together for the first time.

I am hoping that this is the last time that we are going to see the ‘save Vito, get Oscar’s undying love/gratitude’ story though because it’s now been done twice in one series and personally, I think that’s plenty.

In other news, Trish explodes in a drug fuelled rant on air at Trish Talk with a rant that can only be compared to Howard Beale’s from Network, just more gluten-based. Trish is mad as hell and she is probably going to keep taking it if someone gives her the air time.  It works - Trish gets offered an audition at a news broadcaster. There’s only one issue - Simpson’s inhaler has run out. It was only a matter of time, but it’s a good job it’s not addictive right Trish? Right?

Trish somehow manages to piss off both Jessica (in addition to Malcolm last episode) and realises she now doesn’t have anyone left. Does anyone miss Griffin? A short news segment tells us he is in Syria - which is the natural reaction to the breakdown of a relationship. Got dumped? Go to Syria. So Trish doesn’t have anyone to lean on. Even Malcolm isn’t around anymore after we last saw him running into the night. I don’t blame him. Trish is is one a path to self destruction via a (I presume) short lived journalistic career and she’ll take anyone else down with her as she goes. I’m starting to think Griffin dodged a bullet there.

I really do like Trish’s character but it feels like the writers have leaned into her past drug addiction this season in such a way that all of her actions are being attributed to it. She’s gone from being focused, dynamic and driven to behaving like a lunatic. We can’t even see flashes of who she was before the inhaler stuff started. Even Simpson retained some of his former self in the 10 seconds of screen-time that he had.

In the end. Jessica actually listens to Cheng and decides to turn her mother in to the cops. It’s an unexpected turn which basically marks the end of their time together. But, as Jessica muses in her voice-over, the real pain is that she can have her mother but only like this. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.


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