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A New Series of Inbetweeners? I'm afraid not.

Rumours about the possible return of The Inbetweeners have been quashed by its creator, Iain Morris. The Daily Star reported - and this is a publication we take everything with a pinch of salt from - that the E4 comedy series could return for a surprise fourth series. However, as Iain Morris so bluntly put it, it is "total bollocks".

The tabloid cited actor James Buckley (who plays Jay in the series) during a recent trip to the US. Morris denied this by tweeting:
"For those that care, the last time James was in the US was my wedding last year, so the story is either a) v old or b) totally made up."

The Daily Star also alleged that Buckley speculated one of the main characters will be killed off. Supposedly, the actor said:
"Maybe one of them dies and the other three have to join up for the funeral. But the question is - who are they gonna get rid of?"


Morris criticised the paper for falsely getting the fans' hopes up, by adding:

"The thing about the Daily Star story is that people are getting excited, and now we look [like] arseholes by just maintaining our position.

"It's really unfair of them, and I'm sorry if it got you excited. I really am.

"I seem to have disappointed quite a lot of people today by doing nothing. I'm genuinely sorry hopes were raised, but I didn't raise them."

So no more new series of The Inbetweeners, folks. And I believe our source is accurate - he is the creator of the series, after all.

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Last updated: 26/04/2018 06:52:21

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