Because Sky reverted to their method of showing episodes weeks after US air dates to avoid long gaps in between shows, this Valentine's special is more in sync with Easter than any February love-fest. Still, with its musical through-line being 'The World's Greatest Love Songs' (as scrawled on the whiteboard by a mostly absent Mr Schue), its sickly sentiments may have been harder to swallow if it had coincided with the day itself.


So, Heart isn't an episode dedicated to the hairy American rock band but instead an excuse to focus on the up-and-down love lives of the central characters, set to all the silly love songs the show hasn't got round to aping until now. The setup is slight but, despite the teen relationship dramas approaching My So-Called Life levels of angst, the episode does well to embrace the frothy, frivolous nature that has aided the show so well for three years.

Plus, we get the first appearance from eventual The Glee Project winner Samuel Larsen, who - along with his Lenny Kravitz locks - shows up as 'God Squad' new recruit Joe Hart. It remains to be seen how much of an impact he'll have on the Lima universe, especially considering joint winner Damian McGinty has faded into the background for most of his run (although Rory does get to sing lame Michael Buble song 'Home' here), but his devout Christian character and rock star demeanour are sure to set off some sparks.


As stated, the main drives here are the relationships. This means we get even more longing looks between Sam and Mercedes, although some forward momentum is gained when the latter comes clean with her football player boyfriend but professes to Sam that the guilt from her actions means she can't date him. Oh, boo-hoo! Still, it leads to a powerhouse performance of 'I Will Always Love You' from Amber Riley which, weirdly, aired three days after Whitney Houston's death.

Also in the mix: Artie and Rory attempt to gain Sugar's affections with balloons, sweeties and puppies, while Tina and Mike do little but twirl each other about and sing sweet nothings to each other. Meanwhile, Santana strives to present girlfriend Brittany with a singing telegram despite complaints about their on-campus PDAs, while Kurt receives various V-Day gifts from 'a secret admirer' he believes to be Blaine - did you guess who it really was??


Perhaps the episode's finest moments are mined from opening up Rachel's home life and introducing her mythical gay dads, as played with honed hamminess by Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell. Their house motto of 'Honesty, Respect, Dance!' explains a lot about one Ms Berry but, despite laughs to be had from their ability to turn dinner into dinner theatre, the reason they're present is to make happy couple Finchel reconsider their hasty wedding arrangements. Despite appearing outwardly supportive by throwing a dinner, the plan is to make the young couple spend the night and realise domestic bliss is not all it's cracked up to be. Of course, their plan does nothing but convince the two to move the wedding forward to May (hello season finale) and head to Breadstix in time for a celebratory boogie to 'Loveshack'. Mwah!

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