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Stephen Hawking for The Big Bang Theory?

Guest appearances have been known to be strange. We scratched our heads when it was announced that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will appear in The Simpsons’ 500th episode. I am sure we all baulked at Usain Bolt featuring in the current Virgin advertisements with Richard Branson. This one isn't particularly strange, but it will surprise you:

Theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking is rumoured to appear in the American sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. The episode is rumoured to air on April 5th. According to TV Guide Canada, Hawking will have a “run-in” with someone else who considers himself to be the greatest mind of his generation – Sheldon Cooper.


Executive producer, Bill Prady hinted on Twitter last Friday:

"On my way to shoot a scene with a super-secret, super-cool guest star for episode 521."

Another guest star appearing in the episode before Hawking’s is Leonard Nimoy in his famous Star Trek character, Spock.

Obviously this is just speculation at the moment but a Hawking vs Sheldon match sounds like the ultimate showdown.

Thanks to Geeky Girls Love Sci-Fi for the original story.

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