Being Human: Puppy Love – Spoiler-Free Preview!

This week’s episode of Being Human has one of the great self-explanatory titles, doesn’t it? If you know anything at all about the series, just a glance at the words “Puppy Love” should give you a good idea of what happens to which character.

Still, this is meant to be spoiler-free, so that’s all I’ll be saying about the storyline. Time to move on to the usual hand-waving opinions.

Tom is very much front and centre here, you’ll be surprised to hear, and deservedly so after getting quite little to do last week. Michael Socha has always played his character’s childlike naivety well, and taking that into the arena of romance obviously gives him a lot to work with.

In fact, in terms of fair division of labour, this is a good week. Hal’s neuroses are on full display, including a couple of excellent comic relief moments, and Annie, to my alarm, manages a full non-annoying storyline. I may be getting used to her as the series goes on, but I think they have started writing her as less of a shrieking hysteric too.

If you want deadly peril, there isn’t much of that, but since we’ve only two episodes left, previous years suggest we’re into two-part finale territory next, so if you want grimness and despair, it’ll be with you soon enough. This is a last hoorah for awkward flatmate comedy, like those James Corden episodes towards the end of recent Doctor Who series, and it’s a very good effort.

So, yes, highly recommended, another fun episode. I am seriously beginning to wonder if this is my favourite year of Being Human since the first one, and I say this as a huge Russell Tovey fan.

Being Human airs on BBC3 at 9PM on Sunday. More details on the BBC official site.

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