Inside Men - Review

After four tense weeks, Inside Men concluded last night, and, thanks to the back-to-front plotting of it all, we finally reach... the point we started at. So, will our boys get away with it, or be a different kind of “inside” by the end?

And, after four weeks of showing us the ending, are there any surprises left? Keep reading to find out, and beware mild spoilers.

This heist/suspense drama has done a fine job of keeping the tension going, which is half the battle in this sort of thing. They are careful with what information they release, and reward paying attention. For those of us who complain that UK drama is all derivative or lazy and why can’t we be more like Denmark, this is a definite antidote to all that.

Shame that all the excellent British dramas are limited-run mini-series, I know. But still, let’s not stare a gift shotgun in the face, this is a great piece of work, especially thanks to the acting from Steven Mackintosh, Ashley Walters and Warren Brown as the three heroes. It's fortunate that they're so good, as we're obviously meant to be focusing on their personal journies rather than the actual details of the heist plot, which are left vague in places.

It’s true that the focus on those characters is very tight and exclusive – there are supporting cast hanging around, but most of them never develop a third dimension. Spooks fans watching this for Nicola Walker (aka Ruth) may have been a little disappointed, if anything Kierston Wareing’s Gina gets a much better part.

After all the build-up, the ending is slightly odd. We are told clearly what the three characters taka from the experience, but part of me just wanted to get a clear answer to the question “And what happens to them all in the end?”, and that part was a little dissatisfied.

But that may just be my lizard brain. Their main focus was on gripping us, and they succeeded admirably. As four hours of solid BBC crime drama, Inside Men was as good as anything that’s on right now. Highly recommended.

All four episodes of Inside Men are still available on iPlayer for another week. More information on the official BBC site.

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