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The £100million BSkyB bill to public broadcasters

The activist petition site are currently hosting a petition that is calling for the £100 million that BSkyB charges to our public broadcasters to be reduced. It's an interesting and thought provoking argument and one that has created a lot of buzz online.

However, before jumping on the bandwagon it's always reasonable to look at both sides of the argument before jumping in foaming at the mouth. So let's take the BBC as an example.

The BBC's share of this bill is around £10 million per year and 40% of the BBC audience is now served via Sky's satellite platform. So 40% of the BBCs audience is being reached for just £10 million. That already begins to sound a little less scary.

Now let's break this down further. That £10million equates to a grand total of £1 per Sky-enabled home PER YEAR, or alternatively 3 pence per year for each licence payer. The £10 million is also only a small percentage of the BBC's total distribution costs of TV and radio of £181 million which means they're paying around £170 million per year to reach the remaining 60% of their audience. 40% for £10 million, 60% for £170 million - which sounds like the better deal to you?

So before signing the petition consider the fact that by NOT paying Sky this money the BBC is cutting off nearly half of their viewers. That's a potential 40% decrease in viewing figures to save just £10 million. This writer is of the view that we, as licence payers, could be getting a FAR worse deal...

What do you think?

Sources: / Guardian

Last updated: 20/04/2018 01:24:31

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