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US interested in Only Fools and Horses remake

One of the current things in television at the moment is British sitcoms moving over to America. We have seen it with The Office, Red Dwarf and even Absolutely Fabulous. In 1976, the Americans attempted to pilot an episode of their version of Dad’s Army called The Rear Guard; it was not well received.

So the next attempt to move a British sitcom across the Atlantic? Only Fools and Horses.

The ABC network have commissioned a remake of the Peckham-set comedy for American audiences. The pilot will be written by Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley. They have previously scripted episodes for Scrubs.


The commission comes days after ABC announced it will be remaking BBC Three sitcom White Van Man, whilst its rival NBC have picked up Channel 4’s Friday Night Dinner.

Actor Steve Carell of The Office fame has stated his interest in bringing Only Fools and Horses to the American screens:

“That is my dream role. The British do sitcoms better than anybody else in the world. I think with the right scriptwriters and cast we could do Only Fools and Horses justice. If anybody wants to help me do a remake I’d love it.”

For the time being, you can enjoy this classic clip from John Sullivan’s British Only Fools and Horses:

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