We Recommend: Mad Dogs 2

Sky’s aspirations towards original drama continue tonight, with a second series of Mad Dogs. An all-star cast play four normal blokes going on a lads holiday, only find to themselves tangled up in a ludicrous web of murder, drugs and arguing. Lots of arguing.


The first series was good fun, mostly thanks to the big TV names involved. We have Philip Glenister (aka Gene Hunt), his Life On Mars partner John Simm, Hustle’s Marc Warren and Max Beesley of Bodies playing the lads, bringing life to a script that’s very much from the trashy airport thriller school of drama.

Last year’s ending didn’t exactly leave things open for more, but then again, the plot twists were so ridiculous that I’m confident they have a way to get us back on track for lunacy and limb-slicing. The actors are clearly having a great time, and after a slightly slow start, the first run was very watchable.

I’m the first to admit Mad Dogs isn’t big or clever, but it is decent entertainment, and although you may see some abrasively blokey moments, there’s real emotion in there too, about aging, friendship and even regret. For a few minutes, before they return to the shouting and punching.

Check out Mad Dogs 2, tonight on Sky One, and see the official site for more information, including trailers.

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