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Big Finish in September and October

Big Finish have announced their latest round of audios including Lalla Ward as Romana in The Companion Chronicals 4.4 - The Pyralis Effect, Colin Baker in Blue Forgotten Planet, Peter Davison in Castle of Fear amd Paul McGann in Worldwide Web. In addition, two non-Who audios are also due for release - Judge Dredd - Stranger Than Truth starring Toby Longworth and Sherlock Holmes - The Last Act starring Roger Llewellyn.

Doctor Who 126 - Blue Forgotten Planet

Release Date: 30 September 2009 / Director: Nicholas Briggs / Author: Nicholas Briggs
Starring: Colin Baker, India Fisher

A new adventure in time and space for the Sixth Doctor and his companion, Charley Pollard.

'So, this is the blue planet you’ve forgotten about. But take another look. You helped us once. I know you can help us again.'

On Earth, civilization has ended and time is running out for the Doctor and Charlotte Pollard. Will the mysterious Viyrans really help?

'Without you, the human race will die out. And Planet Earth will surely be our tomb.'

Doctor Who 127 - Castle of Fear

Release Date: 31 October 2009 / Director: Alan Barnes / Author: Barnaby Edwards
Starring: Peter Davison, Joe Thomas, Richard Cotton, Sarah Sutton

A new adventure in time and space for the Fifth Doctor and his companion, Nyssa.

The first in a trilogy of adventures set in Stockbridge – the Village that Time Forgot.

1199: Returning from the Crusade, Hubert, the new Earl of Mummerset, comes to take possession of Stockbridge Castle, his ancestral home. The only trouble is, in his absence, demons took possession of his Castle...

1899: The Stockbridge mummers’ play takes a wholly unexpected turn, when the Dragon slays St George. These events are not unconnected, the Doctor and Nyssa discover. There's an alien presence squatting in Stockbridge Castle, and it's their job to expose it. If Turkish Knights, killer boars and a gang of rogue paladins don't stop them first.

Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor Adventures 3.8 - Worldwide Web

Release Date: 31 October 2009 / Director: Nicholas Briggs / Author: Eddie Robson
Starring: Paul McGann, Sheridan Smith, Stephen Moore, Sophy Winkleman, Sanjeev Bhaskar

A new adventure in time and space for the Eighth Doctor and his companion, Lucie.

London, 2015. The Doctor’s looking for a lost space probe. Lucie Miller’s feeling just plain lost, on a world she no longer quite belongs to.

Perhaps there’s someone who can help. A chance encounter with an old sparring partner leads Lucie to the Eightfold Truth – a bunch of crystal-bearing cranks who reckon a rebel sun is on its way to purge the Earth. As if! But what if they’re right?

The apocalypse is upon us. As humankind counts down the last days of its existence, the Doctor races to unmask the Eightfold Truth – and uncovers an old and deadly enemy.

The Companion Chronicles 4.4 - The Pyralis Effect

Release Date: 31 October 2009 / Director: Lisa Bowerman / Author: George Mann
Starring: Lalla Ward, Jess Robinson

A new adventure with the Fourth Doctor, as told by his companion, Romana. Long ago, the planet Pavonis IV was saved from certain destruction by the Doctor. Now it is dead, laid waste by environmental catastrophe, but a few survivors and their precious race bank survive on the starship Myriad. Their mission: to scour the universe for the fabled dimensionally transcendental obelisk inwhich their saviour travels, and persuade him to save their world again.

As the TARDIS arrives, by chance, on the Myriad, the Doctor and Romana are just in time to see the crew achieve their goal. Or so they think… Death stalks the corridors of the ship, the artificial intelligence CAIN has lost control, and a force is about to be unleashed that threatens the entire galaxy.

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